From Urban to Rural: Why You Should Consider the Connecticut Countryside.

Most of Connecticut’s population is concentrated around the cities of Hartford and New Haven, but the Constitution State is famous for its breathtaking countryside, its rustic farms and its shimmering coastlines. Rural Connecticut offers peace and quiet for anyone who’s looking to escape the big city. If you’re thinking about buying a house in Connecticut, here are a few reasons you should settle in the country:


  • The Leaves. The gently rolling hills of rural Connecticut offer stunning vistas all year round, but the fall foliage really steals the spotlight. As soon as the weather begins to get cold, over 15 different species of trees paint the Connecticut landscape in dazzling shades of yellow, bronze, orange, red and purple. The display is so vibrant that people fly in from across the country just to see it.


  • The History. The history of Connecticut is written in its small towns. The National Historic Registry lists 40,000 Connecticut buildings, and nearly all of them are located in rural communities. Many small towns can trace their history back to the days of George Washington, and it’s common to find people living in houses that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. If you want a home with a story to tell, there’s nowhere better.


  • The Coast. Colorful lighthouses, sandy beaches and low cliffs make the coast of the Constitution State one of the most beautiful in the country. You can swim in the summer and skate in the winter. On top of that, coastal communities are great places to catch your own lobsters, crabs and fish.


  • The Communities. Many communities in Connecticut take pride in their small-town status, and as a result they have some of the best civic clubs and public events in the country. Some of the best school districts on the East Coast are located in rural Connecticut, and many of these towns have incredibly low poverty rates.


There’s nothing like drinking your morning coffee while surveying some of the finest natural landscapes left in the country. Great views, strong ties to history and good people all serve to make rural Connecticut a great and affordable place to build your dream home. If you’re tired of the bright lights and bustle of the city, don’t worry. You’re only a few miles away from some of the finest Connecticut real estate money can buy.