5 Reasons You Should Live in San Diego

San Diego is known as America’s Finest City, and for good reason. Pristine beaches and a vibrant urban culture are only a few of the things that make buying a house in San Diego a great choice for many homeowners. If you’ve been California dreamin’ about your own perfect home, here are five reasons you should look for it in San Diego:


1)    The Beaches. In San Diego, the beach isn’t just a place – it’s a way of life. There are over 20 public beaches within the city limits, and they offer everything from sailing and surfing to dog parks and clothing-optional tanning. A few of them, like Coronado Beach, have even made the Travel Channel’s list of the best beaches in the country.


2)    The Architecture. A mixture of classic Spanish and ultra-modern design influences make San Diego real estate some of the most visually intriguing in the country. Many San Diego homes and historic buildings are done in the colonial Spanish style – with stucco walls, Spanish arches and terra-cotta roofs – while public and commercial buildings feature avant-garde glass faces and angles.


3)    The Culture. There are over 40 nationally recognized museums in San Diego. They highlight the city’s history as a part of Spanish America and its contributions towards modernizing American industry. In addition to a growing art scene, the city is also famous for its parades and for celebrations of both American and Hispanic holidays.


4)    The Great Outdoors. San Diego is more accessible to nature than are many other cities. There are several canyons and nature preserves within the city limits, and many of them feature nationally recognized trails. And if you don’t see any wildlife while you’re out, you can always take a trip to the San Diego Zoo or Sea World San Diego.


5)    The Safety. San Diego is considered one of the 10 safest cities in the country by Forbes magazine, and it boasts one of the lowest violent crime rates of all American cities. The strong sense of community and fraternity within many of San Diego’s 52 neighborhoods make the city a great place to raise children or retire.


If you want to live in a city with a metropolitan culture and a small-town feel, you can’t go wrong with San Diego. The beautiful architecture, serene beaches and friendly residents all help make America’s Finest City a great place to find your dream home.