CT Homes Reviews

Seller Testimonial

If you want to sell an as is property, CT Homes provides an easy solution. Acquisition specialist Kevin Oeschel got me the number I needed and was very professional along the way. The entire CT team was very efficient from contract to close in 7 days. Thank you Kevin and team for your efforts.

Mark Fichtler – Seller

I can't say enough good things about CT and their team! They spent so much time making sure we got a fair price and worked with us to be sure it all went as smooth as possible. Kevin and Mary were always available for questions and checking to be sure we didn't need anything. If you are selling or buying there is no one better!!!

Christina Montanez – Seller

A year ago my husband and I (both elderly), had a really bad experience cleaning up, repairing, and selling a rental condo due to the mess and condition the prior tenant left. The end cost was crazy, including the 6% commission for a Real Estate agent. So knowing we still needed to sell a second rental condo shortly thereafter, and knowing it also was not in good shape, was very depressing UNTIL we found a flyer at our front door about CT Homes, LLC. The idea of selling "AS IS" with a cash offer and no escrow fees was REALLY appealing after the last ordeal! So we checked out the company and were comfortable meeting after validation. From the first appointment with Kevin and Dan, at CT Homes, we felt a dark cloud had been lifted. The timely cash offer seemed very fair based on the amount of clean-up, work and time that would be required to get the second condo market worthy. They also provided a current market comp from the area to support the base cash offer. Kevin was our main contact and a great communicator who explained the process very well and was consistently available for help. Actually, their whole team was amazing! We can't think of one thing they could have done better. We closed escrow a couple weeks early and couldn't be happier with making the decision to work with CT Homes, LLC.

Patricia Kaszas – Seller

"Fantastic company to work with! Great quality remodels and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I represented a buyer purchasing a flipped property from this team. There were hardly any items brought up by our inspector because the work was done so well. The two items that were found were taken care of immediately. They helped us deliver the property in perfect condition at the close of escrow and it made us look great to our clients. Would definitely work with this company again!" Grim Ave - Closed Escrow June 2021

Arianna Schwarz – Buyer’s Agent

"Working with JD and the CT Homes Team is the epitome of professionalism. Their team is timely in communication, prompt in repair requests, and an overall pleasure to work with. If you want a quick closing and a smooth escrow for your buyers, I highly recommend JD and the CT Homes Team! I look forward to doing much more business with them in the future." Onalaska Ave - Closed Escrow 5/27/2021

Kim Sway – Buyer’s Agent

"Working with Dan and his team was professional and timely. Great job and no complaints." Kamloop Ave - Closed Escrow 6/15/2021

Larry Carmel – Listing Agent

"Working with CT Homes on a deal, specifically Jon Cypers. Jon was an excellent communicator, timely, professional, and honest, which was a welcome and refreshing pleasure!" Cajon Wy - Closed Escrow 4/8/2021

Karen Lindenberg – Listing Agent

"From this Mortgage Broker , CT Homes and JD Esajian and Emma Curry were delightful to work with. My Buyer could not be more pleased with his new home." Pine Valley Glen - Closed Escrow 3/19/2021

James Greenspan – Buyer’s Agent

"The team at CT Homes do extraordinary work on their renovations. They are also extremely responsive during the escrow period and totally "on it" and reasonable when it comes to negotiations. Looking forward to doing more business with them in the future!" 33rd St - Closed Escrow 3/19/2021

Kyle Markham – Buyer’s Agent

"JD and his team were extremely easy to work with, very professional and transparent. My buyers are extremely happy with their purchase and I look forward to working with them on another deal for my other clients." Comstock St - Closed Escrow 2/25/2021

Twana Rasoul – Buyer’s Agent

"I decided to sell a rental house I've owned for 38 years. It is in a very nice neighborhood but had never had the footprint increased and was basically due for lots of upgrades. Speed and ease of transition were what I desired, an as-is sale, few closing costs so I didn't think using a realtor was the right way to go. I contacted the folks at CT Homes to see if it was a good project for them. They did and the couple months it took from initial communication through the closing were very enjoyable. They made a fair offer with some alternative financial options, and they were flexible as I worked with tenants. Kevin, the acquisition specialist and everyone I had communication with were great, professional but down to earth and friendly. They even let me keep some newer appliances in the property. 2 thumbs all the way! Thanks CT Homes."  Closed Escrow 1/19/2021

Paul Avery – Niagara Ave – Seller

"What can I say about this transaction it was simply a joy working with JD and his team. I was privileged to be involved in over 30 deals last year and no team comes close when it comes to professionalism and willingness to work together to get the deal done for both clients." Closed Escrow 12/1/20209

Jose Cabarcas – Marvin St – Buyer’s Agent

"We had such a great experience working with Dan Wright and the CT Homes team!! Dan was amazing to work with and was went above and beyond to accommodate the wishes and requests of the sellers. We will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to sellers looking for a fast, convenient closing at a fair price!" Closed Escrow 12/15/2020

Tania Juarez – Rue Chantemar Listing Agent

"We purchased a home as a for sale by owner directly from CT Homes in fall 2020. The home we were purchasing was built in the 1930's and had not been renovated or updated in quite some time. This included foundation issues that CT Homes addressed above and beyond, with a geological engineer signing off on their work, and even returning to do additional repairs when necessary. CT Homes was committed to excellence, ensuring not only a high standard of service but in their build as well, all while preserving the historical charm of the home. We worked specifically with JD and Michelle and continue to appreciate their willingness to do the right thing throughout the duration of the project." Closed Escrow 10/15/2020  

Kelsey W. – Homer St Buyer

"I recently worked with Jon Cypers and the CT Homes Team on the sale of a home in Point Loma. Jon and the CT Homes team were a pleasure to work with and closed quickly. I would reach out to the CT Homes team again with another "fixer" listing I think they would be interested in!" Closed 9/30/2020

Mike McCurdy – Talbot Listing Agent

It is always a pleasure working with the amazing Team at CT Homes LLC. They are professional, responsive, and I can always rely on the Team’s’ expertise to resolve any issues that may arise. I have learned so much as a Realtor from Mary! She is amazing! Love working with this Team at CT Homes LLC! They are performers and straightforward in their negotiations. I highly recommend CT Homes LLC as any Realtors first choice when selling distressed, fixers. Escrow Closed 10/20/2020

Diana Dwinell – Gros Ventre Listing Agent

"I had the pleasure of working with Jon Cypers and the CT Homes Team on a recent real estate transaction in Bay Park. He was very professional and extremely responsive from start to finish. The CT Homes company has a great reputation in San Diego so I knew working with them they would close the deal. They closed on time and my seller was happy!" Escrow Closed 10/2/2020

Stephanie Jezek – Dorcas Listing Agent

"It was a pleasure to work with CT Homes to purchase our first home in Clairemont, CA. They are highly professional, transparent and their work is high quality. J.D. and his team were diligent to make sure we were fully satisfied with our purchase. My wife and I fully recommend CT Homes for your next home search." Escrow Closed 4/20/2020 Reviewed on 9/21/2020

Brandon – Arroyo Lindo Buyer

"This is my second transaction with the CT homes group. They did exactly what they said they would do. They didn’t just tie us up and try to re- trade the deal they closed on time. In my experience they are by far the most professional of the bunch." Closed Escrow 9/18/2020 Reviewed 9/21/2020

Gregory Glassman – 33rd St Listing Agent

"We bought our home in March 2020. The house was built in 1939, and has that Spanish character outside. Once you walk inside you are transitions through a newly remodeled and renovated home. Great craftsmanship, quantity and professionalism." Escrow closed 9/18/2020 Reviewed 10/13/2020

Ramon – Nile St Buyer

"Blake at CT homes is such an outstanding Realtor. She is firm yet fair and friendly. Very very responsive and easy to work with. CT homes goes above the call of duty to ensure they produce quality remodels and construction. No corners cut and if you see something wrong they are quick to make it right. They provided warranties and left my clients closing gifts." 9/8/2020

Jaime Harris – Buyer’s Agent – Hamilton St

"Jon and the team at CT Homes are great to work with. They do a great job of remodeling beach condos. I was the listing agent on one property CT recently purchased. The sale couldn't have gone smoother. CT was very accomdating to my seller. I highly recommend them ." Escrow Closed 6/16/2020

Jef Karchin – Ocean Front Walk #17 – Listing Agent

"San Diego realtor here giving a shout out to Kevin Oechsel and his team at CT Homes LLC. They were great, friendly and efficient. I had a 1930’s North Park Spanish bungalow on the market - gorgeous but needed work. Got 10 offers. CT’s competitive offer won out for two reasons: 1. I knew it would close. 2. CT makes renovation choices that are sensitive to the age and style of these charming vintage homes. Thank you, Kevin! You and your team hit this one out of the park."

Elaine Boyd – 33rd St – Listing Agent

"As a real estate agent, one can only hope that who you are working with on the other side of a transaction will remain professional from start to finish. I had the pleasure of representing clients on the purchase of their first home which happened to be a CT Homes remodel. An unforeseen circumstance occurred midway through the transaction that was not a result of either the seller or buyer.  CT Homes promised that they would remedy, whether it be financially or otherwise. Fast forward, and everything has now been completely taken care of. During everything, CT Homes was professional and in constant communication the whole way through. Their team is transparent, professional and remain true to their word despite obstacles in order to make sure the end user is happy in their new home, and I look forward to bringing another buyer to another one of their beautiful properties in the future."

Johnny Norris – Arroyo Lindo – Buyer’s Agent

"It was a pleasure working with JD and his team. They were professional throughout the transaction. Hope we can work together again soon." (Google Review - August 2020)

Gretchen Mitchell – Galicia Buyer’s Agent

"Ct Homes were very professional and easy to work with , The group demonstrated a high level of integrity . I would be happy to work with them again ! Juana Castro Coldwell Banker Realty" (Google Review - August 2020)

Juana Castro – 36th St Listing Agent

"I dealt with Dan for the sale of my father's home in Lake San Marcos. He was professional, helpful and honest. Dan gave me a reasonable offer and stuck to it. There was no pressure for me to hurry through what I had to get done. Dealing with Dan for this sale was a pleasure! (Google Review - August 2020)

Donna – La Reina Seller

"I am very pleased to announce that we just closed escrow on 3545-47 Luna Ave over asking price with several offers. This beautifully remodeled Duplex in North West Clairemont is a fine example of the design skills and craftsmanship that CT homes exemplifies in all their projects. Working side by side with CT Homes as my client was a testament to their team professionalism, their individual expertise, and seamless business systems that make the process effortless as possible. Buyers and Sellers both walked away with satisfaction in the transaction. I look forward to future projects and seeing the amazing homes that CT will be bringing to San Diego’s home buying community."

Anthony Halstead – Luna Ave Listing Agent

CT Homes bought our home in the Muirlands, La Jolla last June (2017). JD and his team are a class act all the way. I am not surprised to see all the 5 star reviews here. They had just sold a beautiful home in the neighborhood  they had rebuilt. We had an all cash offer in which we felt both buyer and seller profited. The escrow closed in 30 days. JD and his agent, Jim McInerney have been wonderful in giving us ample time to move. After living in the house 27 years and accumulating a lot of art we appreciated their sensitivity to our needs. The whole process was positive. It was special to have their advice and help throughout the purchase and move. JD and his team at CT Homes are a company you can put your complete trust in. We are looking forward to seeing their development of our old home. It will be impressive!

Stuart T – Avenida De Las Pescas Seller

"Say what you mean and mean what you say. In Real Estate brokerage, this is becoming a less-common phenomenon. It was great working with Jon Cypers and CT Homes. They did everything they promised and it was a smooth transaction. Looking forward to working with you all again."

Jeff Z – Freedom CT – Listing Agent

"Dan in acquisitions was honest and on top of everything through the entire transaction. I would recommend working with CT Homes for sure."

Rick T. – Vickie Dr Agent

"Excellent service! The team at CT Homes went out of their way to answer questions and were a pleasure to work with. Buyers absolutely love their new home!"

Paul J – Adams Ave Agent

“I worked with CT Homes on a recent transaction and was really impressed at how smooth the deal went from start to finish.  Their team is extremely responsive and I was always able to get a quick response whenever I needed something during the escrow process.  I look forward to working with them again on future properties!”

Lindsay Shuman – Cobb St Agent

“Everyone at CT Homes makes the transactions incredibly smooth under some trying circumstances. The most recent property had several code violations and was under threat of civil penalty. Dan and the CT Homes team worked closely with the city to better understand the situation and once they have the information they needed, they dealt very fairly with the seller.”

Richard Woods – Ibis St Agent

“The reason that CT Homes gets the first shot at my listings that fit the profile for them, is that they don't hedge the price after the contract is signed. They stick to their contract! That is rare amongst investor/ flippers."

Steve Hirsch – Rolfe Rd Agent

"CT Homes and Craig were exceptionally responsive, and truly cared about the quality of the home and our closing/move-in experience. Every detail was covered and no question left unanswered. The experience was beyond expectations, and truly appreciated."

Lynda & Donna – Cliff Buyers

“Amazing! Showed up at inspection, resolved minor issues, very thorough & detail oriented, quick action on administrative work, custom touches on home, housewarming gift… Very thoughtful and caring company that does quality work. Outstanding operation as a whole. Thanks!”

Tyler and Danielle – Tennyson St Buyers

"I’d like to say that [CT Homes] worked diligently to get my property out of foreclosure status. They were very cooperative and they communicated with me very well during this trying time. Without them I don’t know what would’ve happened to my credit rating. Thanks…for all your hard work!”

Laurence C – Desert View Seller

"Jim Zaniboni and CT homes were a pleasure to work with, they did exactly what they said they were going to do. We had a tenant in the home even after the close of escrow and they worked with them as well through the transition. They paid the price we negotiated and I didn't have to make any repairs as they said, I wanted a fast escrow and they helped make that happen. I would recommend Jim because he never avoided my phone calls and or always called back quickly. Thank you Jim and CT homes for a quick transaction"

Ron P – Pershing Seller

"We are in love with the newly renovated Bay Park home we purchased from CT Homes in Nov 2019. First of all, their renovation was meticulous and all the finishings are just beautiful. Our home inspector and other handy professionals have also commented on the great quality craftsmanship and attention to details. I would especially like to call out Blake and Michelle for helping with some things (mostly minor) after the closing, which were a great help during the stress of moving and getting settled. Michelle also went above and beyond to send one of their professionals to patch our dry wall on the dining area ceiling after another electrician created a SNAFU by drilling an excessively large hole to move a chandelier. The CT Homes team has been great to work with overall, and I don’t hesitate recommending them if you are purchasing a new or newly renovated home in the San Diego area."

Marjan M – Hartford Buyer

I sold my rental home to CT Homes recently and it was literally the least stressful thing I had to do all year!  It closed in less than a month, cash sale, as-is, tenants in place and they offered me a very nice price.  Thanks Dan!

Dawn M – Hartford Seller

“Hi JD & Paul, I want to thank you and your team for the superb job you did on renovating the Carlsbad “beach house”. You took an old home that was in extremely poor condition and brought it back to life.Having flipped homes myself, I could see your formula for this property was solid. What impressed me the most is that you used very good materials and didn’t cut corners. This combined with tasteful use of granite, hardwood floors, and lighting, made this property a must have. My family and I will enjoy our vacation home for many years to come.”

The Scott Family – Madison St Buyer

“HONESTLY.....A SHEER PLEASURE FROM START TO FINISH on two transactions I have had the pleasure to work with CT HOME on. I am a seasoned professional agent who works with buyers and sellers in San Diego's North county for the past 11 years. On one occasion, a buyer wanted to purchase a CT HOMES renovation project in Southwest Escondido, and we won a multiple bidding war. The house looked THAT good. But more importantly, when it came time for inspections and repairs, even my client's inspector had nothing but praise for the way they had rehabbed this wonderful home. Lots of areas where they could have scrimped or done something different and cheaper, but the did it right, like they were building a home for their own family member. ALSO they did everything (returning contracts, returning calls, doing requested repairs, closing escrow on time) the way we all dream our transactions would all go. THEN, years later, I had a house in pretty bad shape that needed a buyer, and along came the excellent team at CT HOMES. This time the shoe was on the other foot and they were the buyers, and they stepped up to the plate and wrote a clean, easy and very fair offer to the seller of a home which had many permit, planning and non-livable issues. The escrow closed not only on time, without a hitch and they did everything they promised to do, ahead of schedule. Honestly, if all businesses did work this way, people would have faith in our profession again, it has become the rarity, rather then the rule. I would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT JUMP at a chance to be on the other side of the transaction from this organization, I would WORK WITH THEM if they would just open an office in NORTH COUNTY, they are a dream come true and a work horse of a company. Happy employees means a great product and they seam to understand what team-work is. GREAT JOB CT HOMES!!!!”

Cyndi Stetson – 11th Ave Agent

“I've worked with CT Homes on a number of transactions here in San Diego, and they are always timely, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  The team truly cares about the end user and always operates with high integrity.  I would absolutely recommend CT Homes, and look forward to long term relationship with such a great team.”

Ryan Main – Grim Agent

““I would highly recommend CT Homes if you are a listing agent. We had 33 offers on the house that we sold CT Homes, and 6 of them had the same terms. My seller chose CT Homes because they were willing to help with short sale process and has the experience of selling hundreds of homes per year. Thanks for a great transaction!"”

Dean K – Radio Dr