Storage Space

Storage space may be a rare commodity in your home but with a few tricks you can maximize the available space and give your tools, clothing, books and other paraphernalia suitable niches. Finding the room you need to organize your things, whether it’s in closets, the garage or cabinetry designed for storage, can be a challenge. Especially in homes where there is limited space. But proper storage will extend the life of many of your possessions and give you peace of mind because you will know exactly where each item is whenever you need it.

Taking Inventory

Most closets and cabinets can benefit from a more efficient design but before you spend any money on new shelving, evaluate your possessions and decide what you really need to store. Only keep those items that:

  • are being used currently or have been used within the past year by you or your family.
  • have strong sentimental value for you or your family.
  • will be needed in the future by you or your family.

As you plow through the clutter in each room of the house make quick decisions about whether each item should be stored, repaired, given away or thrown out. Sort everything into appropriate bags or boxes so that you can act on your decisions immediately. Put items you plan to keep near the storage area where you want them to go. Stack clothes that need repair in the mending basket by the sewing machine and set other items that need repair on the work bench. Label the charity box and put it in the garage or even into the car trunk so that it will be ready to be delivered. Seal the box or bag of tossables and put it with the garage bag before you start having second thought about your decisions.