Are There Any Real Estate Deals Left In San Diego?

Are there any real estate investment opportunities left in San Diego for 2014?

While the U.S. housing sector appears to be on a sustainable path to recovery, many have already questioned whether or not San Diego deals have dried up. So what do you think? Are there any real estate deals made available to investors in this region?

The Challenges of Finding Real Estate Deals in Southern California

While some veterans have been revving up to invest millions in Southern California property this year, others have been hitting online real estate blogs to complain about their difficulties in finding a deal that is worth pursuing.

Some of the most recent complaints include:

  • Shrinking spreads
  • Tighter inventory levels
  • Access to credit
  • Competition
  • Rising home values

Of course, virtually all of these items are essential or are at least normal symptoms of an improving housing market. Without them, there wouldn’t be a positive traction that has served to help many cash in on real estate investing.

Many of those that have gotten into real estate investing during the last seven years have been spoiled with juicy spreads, little competition and endless inventory. However, they must be aware of cyclical changes in the market. More importantly, they have hopefully invested in their real estate education to avoid problems in the future.

The current conditions shouldn’t be considered bad. In fact, they probably aren’t back to ‘normal’ yet in many areas of the country. Today’s market just calls for a little more homework to find a good deal.

An Abundance of San Diego Real Estate Deals for 2014

Experts and experienced real estate investors are well aware of the fact that there are still lots of deals to be found, even in the hot SoCal market. There may not be the overabundance of distressed properties there were a few years ago, but that is probably a good thing for most.

Some experts are saying there ought to be around 200 foreclosures a month in San Diego county going forward. That’s still significant. Given the far larger number of default mortgages out there, this figure could be quite a lot bigger.

Of course, foreclosures aren’t the only deal in town. There are many different ways to invest in and profit from real estate. San Diego County offers an incredible, diverse buffet of markets, property types and investment strategies.

Those that are struggling might want to ask themselves the following questions:

8 Questions for Investors Seeking Deals in San Diego:

  1. Are you looking in the right places?
  2. Are you employing a good prospecting and marketing mix for sourcing deals?
  3. Are you maximizing operational efficiency to increase profit margins and effectiveness?
  4. Are you using the best up to date management practices?
  5. Are you leveraging professional local partners and experts?
  6. Have you invested in your education for finding hidden profits others miss?
  7. Are you fully embracing technology?
  8. Have you explored alternative financing options for more liquidity?