San Diego Real Estate Investment Trends For 2014

What’s in store for the San Diego real estate market in 2014? What evolving trends indicate opportunities for investors? More importantly, how can you take advantage of them now to better your situation for the new year?

Waiting until the ball drops to figure out where the San Diego real estate market is headed is too late for those trying to get ahead in 2014. By then, it will be a matter of reacting to larger forces and frantically searching for sub par deals. It is never optimal to be behind the curve.

Investors are advised to prep for 2014 as soon as they can. Stay alert and stay ahead of the pack to seize the best options and enjoy the widest spreads.

Regardless of which type of property your are interested in or which county of San Diego you want to invest in, odds are it is trending upwards. That means rent, demand, property prices, and competition. As 2013 draws to an end, the properties you desire will become harder to find. Pay attention to the trends becoming hot around San Diego:

High End Home Flipping

Luxury home flipping took flight in the third quarter of 2013 and appears to be set to continue on its path. The spreads and confidence that ensue can certainly be greater when working in this end of the market. However, for those considering getting in or moving up, it is critical to understand the need to find balance in making home improvements and focus on creating actual value while.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing

While rehabbing is still one of the most rewarding and entertaining ways to engage in real estate investing in San Diego, an increasing number of individuals realize that they can best achieve their own personal goals by letting others do the hard work. For those with capital and little time, or at least other interests to pursue, turnkey rental property investing could be a great fit.

International Buyers

International buyers and global investors continue to make up a large percentage of the active individuals in Southern California’s real estate market. This is essential to understand for those reselling homes in the region. However, it is also smart to keep an eye on the mix of buyers, where they are coming from and their shopping and home buying habits. Knowing this will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Fewer Distressed Properties

The media has acknowledged a slowdown for San Diego foreclosures in recent months. While this may be true to a certain extent, there are certainly plenty of distressed properties for investors to work with. Those that spend the time building connections now will be those that have access to the most discounted inventory in the future. However, even at the height of the last boom, investors did just fine at generating substantial returns.

The Hunt for Affordability

Incomes and wages in San Diego are great, but it’s no secret that rising interest rates and home prices could put the pinch on some aspiring San Diego home buyers. This is likely to provide a healthy boost to communities further east in San Diego County.