Living on the Connecticut Waterfront: 4 Helpful Tips

New England’s beautiful beaches have been known to draw in new homeowners from across the country, and Connecticut is no exception. There are scores of dream homes in New England, all along the waterfront – but living on a Constitution State beach isn’t the same as settling in San Diego. Here are four helpful tips to keep in mind if you’re buying a home on the Connecticut waterfront.


1)    Get Out Your Tool Kit. Waterfront properties require more maintenance than regular Connecticut houses, and New England winters are especially harsh. Most docks and gangways will require regular maintenance and renovation every few years, so brush up on your carpentry now to save yourself hefty bills down the road.


2)    Hurricane-Proof Your Shutters. Winds on the Atlantic coast can reach up to 100 miles per hour during big storms, and any debris traveling at that speed is guaranteed to shatter windows and damage the interior of your home. Stormproof shutters cost more than the standard variety, but the safety they offer is worth the investment.


3)    Keep a Good Foundation. Water will, over time, erode the sand and soil surrounding your house. Storms and floods will speed up this process. Keep your home safe by filling gaps with sand and soil to halt the advancing waterline. This isn’t a cheap process, since it can require a dump truck full of material, but it only needs to be done every few years.


4)    Don’t Mind the Fowl. The Connecticut coast attracts many different species of geese and ducks every year. Waterfowl can be noisy and will leave unwanted surprises on your lawn. While you aren’t allowed to harm these animals, investing in some liquid fencing and a menacing decoy or two can help keep them under control.


Waterfront properties can be more difficult to maintain than Connecticut real estate elsewhere, but many people consider it a labor of love. If you’re considering buying a home in Connecticut near the water, dive right in. After all, nothing beats a summer spent swimming and fishing on the Connecticut coast.