5 Ways to Get Outside in San Diego

Buying a home in San Diego doesn’t mean you can’t stay close to nature. America’s Finest City is surrounded by pristine California wilderness, and there are so many ways to take advantage of it. Whether you’re a hardcore surfer or a weekend walker, here are five different ways you can get outside in San Diego:


1)    Hit the Beach. San Diego has over 20 public beaches, and the California weather means almost every day is a good day on the Pacific. You can take a surfing lesson, rent a boat or just go for a run on the sand.


2)    Explore the Desert. There are ordinances in place to prevent sprawl and keep the “nature” in San Diego real estate. Because of this, the city is home to several open space parks and nature preserves that comprise over 10,000 square acres of natural habitat. You can take a hike, climb some cliffs or just sit and enjoy the desert sunset.


3)    Ride Your Bike. Nearly every road in San Diego has a bike lane, and there are multiple bike paths that cut through the city and its parks. You can ride your bike every day of the week and take a different route every time. If you want to enjoy pedaling with some friends, San Diego hosts an organized bike ride at least once month.


4)    See Some Wildlife. There are hundreds of species of animals living in San Diego’s nature preserves, but you don’t need a set of binoculars to see them. The city is home to one of the finest zoos in the country, the San Diego Zoo. Here you’ll find animals native to San Diego County and many, many more. You can spend an entire afternoon walking through the exhibits and still not see everything there is to see.


5)    Learn to Fly. If you’ve ever wanted to go hang gliding, parasailing or kite surfing, San Diego is the place to be. The strong ocean currents just offshore of America’s Finest City make it a great place for wind-powered sports. If you don’t have your own equipment, don’t worry. Lessons and rentals are available in many locations throughout the city.


Investing in a San Diego home is a great decision for anyone who wants to stay close to nature in a big city. From surfing to sailing and biking to gliding, there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors that you’ll never get bored.