Buying a Home in Connecticut: Tolland

Tolland is a small town in northern Connecticut that offers a perfect balance of modern convenience and historic charm. Listed as one of America’s Top Small Towns for three years in a row by Money magazine, the quaint and quiet community is perfect for anyone buying a home in Connecticut, and it’s an especially nice place to bring up children or enjoy your golden years.

Tolland derives its name from its history as a toll station on the old road from New York City to Boston. It stopped taking travelers’ money centuries ago, and now it’ll save you some: the town’s proximity to both major cities is a boon for anyone who wants to live  within driving distance of big-city metro culture.

This isn’t to say that Tolland doesn’t have some metropolitan culture of its own, though. Tech giants Gerber Scientific and CNC Software have their headquarters in Tolland, and shortly after those companies arrived, the historic buildings downtown began to fill with high-end boutiques and chains. Walk down the tree-lined streets nowadays and you’ll find an even mix of designer clothing shops and mom-and-pop chowder restaurants.

Speaking of old buildings, Tolland – like many New England towns – is also home to a splendid historic district dotted with dozens of antique brick buildings, including an 18th-century courthouse that now serves as the town hall.

And if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, then you’re in luck. In addition to the large Crandall and River parks, Tolland also offers some great swimming and fishing at Heron Cove. There are multiple athletic fields and courts located throughout the town, and if you’re a hunter, you’ll enjoy acres of game lands.

Whether you’re looking for a town that’s affluent or affordable, there’s guaranteed to be a house in Tolland that fits your budget. Here, you can find three-bedroom homes for as little as $150,000 or as much as $500,000.

If you’re looking for some Connecticut real estate that’s both quiet and classy, then Tolland should rank high on your list. Tolland has something for everyone, a rare quality for a small town.