How to Sell a Home with Kids Living in It

We love children, but the messes they make and the space they take up can be frustrating for any parent trying to sell a home. If you’re about to list your house on the market, there are a several ways that you can maximize your house’s appeal while keeping the children under control. Here are a few to consider:


  • Stow the Clutter. There’s no two ways about it – kids are messy. While you might never be able to totally clean up after your children, you can at least hide clutter from potential buyers by picking an out-of-the-way closet to store toys and wayward clothes before a showing. By removing the mess instead of just organizing it, you’re actually making your home seem roomier and more enticing to potential buyers.


  • Post Some Refrigerator Art. Although you don’t want buyers to see to the mess your kids leave behind, they do want to envision your real estate investment as a place to raise children of their own. You can accommodate this dream by displaying your kids’ trophies, artwork and other keepsakes as evidence of the property’s correlation with a happy, productive family.


  • Stow the Children. Unlike their artwork, kids aren’t always the best thing to have hanging around when selling your home. Your house should be completely empty before a realtor shows it to potential buyers, so try to coordinate your schedules accordingly. In a worst-case, last-minute scenario, just load them in the car and take them out for ice cream.


Although kids definitely bring joy to the world, they can be a real hassle when selling your home. Just remember to keep calm, clean up as much as you can and have a place in mind in case you need to get the family out of the house on short notice.