Bedroom and Child’s Closet

Well-Organized Bedroom Closet

A thoughtfully ordered closet system can simplify your dressing routine. It may eliminate the need for a separate dresser and it makes finding socks and belts a snap. Double rods accommodate shirts, jackets, skirts and pants more efficiently than a single rod could, making the hanging areas less cramped. Shelves keep shirts, sweaters, purses and hats easily accessible. Shoes go in a rack and socks, scarves, and other accessories go in wire or laminate drawers.

Child’s Closet

The small size of a child’s clothing makes it easy to maximize closet space. A well-planned closet can also encourage children to dress themselves, hang up their clothes and stow their dirty laundry. In this case, coated wire shelving adds more storage to a child’s closet. Pull-out baskets placed conveniently low, offer self-service bins for clothes and toys. A low rod offers accessible hanging space as well. Find a spot for a hamper to keep dirty clothes picked up if possible. Put shoes in a clear plastic box on the floor. Set up a box for socks too. Low hooks are handy holders for in-season hats. Higher shelves and rods provide places for out-of-season clothing and the hand-me-downs waiting for the next growth spurt. Keep in mind that children often play in their closets so use blunt-edged hooks and make sure adjustable shelves can withstand some climbing. Look for a locking mechanism to prevent shelves from tipping.