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5 Tips To Improve Your Next Private Lending Presentation

Posted by JD Esajian // November 27, 2017

Your ability to speak in public is an essential, yet underrated, aspect of running a business. When most people think of public speaking they think of talking to a room full of hundreds of people. You may get to this point over time but public speaking for you can mean talking to dozen people at […]

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6 Tips To Help Improve Business Negotiation

Posted by Paul Esajian // November 10, 2017


Negotiation is an essential part in almost everything you do. Without even realizing it you negotiate with your spouse, kids, business partner, contractor and attorney on a daily basis. Some negotiations are worth thousands of dollars and others are strictly for principal. It is human nature to try to win every negotiation we are part […]

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5 Reasons To Consider Investing In Single Family Rentals

Posted by Paul Esajian // November 3, 2017

single family rental property

Right now, is an ideal time to invest in single family rentals. With rental demand high coupled with near record low interest rates it has created the perfect storm for buy and hold investors. As profitable as a quality rental property may be there are still many investors who only focus on fix and flip […]

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