12 Awesome Perks Of Being A Real Estate Investor

perks of real estate

What’s so great about being a real estate investor?

There are a ton of advantages of investing in real estate for a living. Many of these perks are often overlooked. Here are a dozen that it are worth remembering…

1. The Money

The enhanced income and net worth may be one of the biggest attractions to real estate investing. Yet, it is just one of many reasons to do it. Real estate creates spendable cash and long term wealth. But for most it is ultimately the peace of mind and increased joy of living that money delivers that really matters, not just the digits.

2. Set Your Own Schedule

Not a morning person? No problem. Want Sundays off? No problem. Whenever you want to work or not, it is up to you. You can work nights, early mornings, 6 days a week, or 4 days a week. You choose how much you do, and when. Don’t feel like working today, and would rather head off to catch some wave? You’ve got it.

3. Keep More of What You Make

As a real estate investor you can kick the commute to the curb, and burn the uniform. That can save a substantial amount of money each year. It also means you get to live where you like. You are no longer tied to an office and having to be close to the center. You can get far more house for your money out in the suburbs. And if you want a studio in the city for weekends you can have that too.

4. You Can Never be Fired

With no boss dictating your every move and holding your job over your head you can love life knowing you’ll never be fired, and never have to compromise your values to pay the bills.

5. You Can Hire Others

As a real estate business owner, or even an independent investor you can hire others. You might even end up hiring your ex-boss one day. Being able to give others the means to support their families is an incredible bonus, and can be far more powerful than just charity.

6. Help Others with Housing

Every day as a residential real estate investor you are helping others with the most important things in their lives. You are helping to provide housing and a roof over the heads of their families, and you are helping them optimize their finances. Sometimes that is bailing them out of a property, and in others it is putting them into a good investment, or cashing out of one.

7. You’re Off When Your Kids Need You Most

The best and highest paying job in the world can be a nightmare if you can’t be there for your kids when they really need you. When they are sick, hurt, need you, are on holiday, or have soccer, or other sporting events – you can be there. That’s priceless.

8. Quality of Relationships

The time freedom you have as a real estate investor isn’t just great for those with kids. It is also powerful and game changing for other relationships too. You get to really spend quality time with those you love, go of on romantic and spur of the moment vacations together, be there when they need extra attention, and do more things together. You may even end up working together in the business.

9. Freedom to Travel

As an investor you no longer have to put off your dreams of travelling. You can road trip across the country, head off for a weekend in Italy or Hawaii without needing approval from anyone, can cruise for a month, or even go test out your dream retirement island for several months. And your income doesn’t have to suffer for it.

10. Tax Breaks

Real estate investing is packed with potential tax breaks. The government literally gives you more tax breaks for investing in real estate versus working a day job for someone else! Some will even find that done well they are paying a lot less in taxes, while making a lot more money.

11. Business Expenses

Even better; there are a lot of additional potential tax breaks and write offs for spending money on things you love. Need to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro? Want to go to fancy dinners, travel across the country, move up to a Ferrari lease, or get a much bigger home with a 2,000 square foot private home office? These things may all deliver even more tax breaks.

12. Get Paid to Do What You Love

Whatever you are most passionate about there is a way to work that into real estate and get paid for doing it. That includes; art, design, coding, or sales.