Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Easter

real estate marketing for easter

Hop on these Easter real estate marketing ideas and smash through to your goals…

Easter is coming, and it’s bringing a big opportunity for real estate investors, agents, business owners, and even homeowners that have been looking for a boost in marketing and selling homes. For some this will be a pivotal weekend for thawing out their sales, and really springing forward to one of their best years ever. So what smart moves will the winners be making now?

Spring Cleaning

As we turn seasons it is a great moment to have a good spring cleaning. That definitely applies to any specific homes that you are hoping to sell over the coming weeks and months. It can also definitely be a good time to clean out your own home and office. Clear the clutter, brighten it up, and gain more focus and inspiration. If you’ve been sitting on a property that hasn’t sold in a while, then consider a more robust spring clean. That could be pressure washing the exterior, ripping out damaged items and clearing the slate for the next buyer, hosting a major yard sale, or giving the landscaping a makeover that will get the property noticed.

Easter Themed Real Estate Content

Don’t neglect the opportunity to brighten up your SEO and online web traffic with Easter themed content ideas. In between the holidays there are great arguments for just writing and publishing relevant content without worrying too much about keywords. However, a great keyword can make the difference between attracting 10 visitors to your post and real estate website, or 100,000. Whatever type of content you are publishing look for valuable ways to work Easter in. That applies to blogs, articles, press releases, and email campaigns and social media.

Outreach and Follow Up

Easter is a fantastic holiday for new outreach and fresh follow up. With a little creativity real estate pros will find plenty of affordable ideas for warmly connecting with past clients and new prospects, and potential strategic partners. Have fun with it. Impress potential listing clients, show others you care about the relationship, not just selling them. Build connections and stay at the top of their minds.

Open House Ideas for All Ages

Easter is awesome for open houses. More people are out, all the decision makers are out in the car looking for things to do, and most have more time to spend looking at homes than on other days of the year. So go big, advertise your Easter weekend open house, and pack them in. There are endless themed ideas to pick from no matter what type of property you have, and who the ideal buyers are. This includes Easter egg hunts, elegant brunches, family fun days, cocktail parties, barbecues, and more.

Networking Ideas

If you don’t have a home to sell right now, this is still a powerful occasion to do some extra networking. Leverage some of the same ideas from open houses to host real estate networking events. Connect with future buyers, sellers, investors, and partners. Build the relationships in a warm way now.

Preparing for the Next Holiday Marketing Spree

Those that are on top of their game will already have Easter down, and will have their marketing materials created far in advance. So once you’ve set up your Easter, get moving on the next moment. That may include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, summer, Halloween, and beyond. Get ahead of the game. Create a good library of themed marketing materials for use year after year. Then update and augment it each year, but from a position of being ahead.

Thoughts on Real Estate Marketing Budget

There is a lot of sense in predictably spreading out your real estate marketing budget over the year. However, the most experienced real estate professionals also understand the importance of having extra marketing money to surge their presence and reach at optimal moments, like Easter. Have a consistent budget, but allocate more dollars for the most rewarding times, and an extra slush fund for unique opportunities.


Easter is an amazing holiday for real estate professionals and owners that have been waiting to sell. It is too good of an opportunity to waste. Leverage the above ideas and add your own personal touches to use Easter weekend to catapult your business to the next level.