Mark Zuckerberg’s New Message For Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals

What does Mark Zuckerberg want real estate professionals to know, and how will it impact your business?

In a recent announcement, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife announced the birth of their new daughter with an open letter. This heartfelt letter posted on Facebook caught the attention and likes of many popular leaders, from Melinda Gates to Arianna Huffington. The announcement also stated that Zuckerberg would be giving away 99% of his Facebook stock, worth around $45 billion.

There are several ways to view the recent announcement. Perhaps most importantly, however, it is a thought leadership manifesto. That includes real estate pros and CEOs at all levels of the game. So what does the ‘Zuck’ want you to know?

Go Big

Whether it is building a company, influencing change, or giving; go big!

Go Long

In his letter, Zuckerberg talks about taking the long approach. Start planning to make things happen over the next 25 to 100 years. He also points out how short our history really is. Zuckerberg has always taken the long game, and it has worked out so far. He took the long game in building users, in integrating advertising for revenue, and is still taking the long game in reach.

Wealth is a Powerful Tool

Giving away $45 billion isn’t just a statement: it provides a lot of fuel to influence and bring about big change. The world’s problems are really big problems. Access to clean water, healthcare, education, food, and safe places to live are all major crises. They are going to take massive investment to solve.

Empower Others to Change the World

We can’t do everything ourselves. If Gates and Zuckerberg recognize this, then it’s certainly true for most real estate professionals too. However, we can empower others to not only change their circumstances, but also unleash their full potential. You can still play a pivotal role in this; whether that is funneling money to wise enterprises, reinventing housing and city planning, or just redesigning the real estate industry. Most importantly, Zuckerberg understands that no matter how much wealth he can leave his children, their quality of life – and that of others – is going to depend on many factors.

Philanthropy is Changing

Whether it is you, Mark Zuckerberg, or someone else that does it, we are on the verge of the biggest disruption in philanthropy since John D. Rockefeller. Charity Water led with its 100% model. Then came Acumen, with its nonprofit status and investments in sustainable startups. Zuckerberg says his billions will not go into a traditional nonprofit, but an LLC which provides more flexibility. We could see this taking business to a whole new level, or it could take another tangent. We’ll have to wait and see, but it is certainly changing.

The Value of Partnering & Outsourcing

Zuckerberg says partnering up is the most effective way to achieve things, and that we must support strong, independent leaders in different fields. Both learning to delegate and team up, can make a massive difference in real estate too.

Quality Time

Mark is taking two months paternity leave. If he can do it as the head of a giant company, so can you. The upcoming holidays are the perfect chance.