5 Real Estate Education Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg

What does Mark Zuckerberg have to teach you about real estate investing?

Not everyone may truly appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘genius.’ Many people may detest Facebook and a few truly experienced California real estate investors probably disapprove of the tech founder’s property investment strategies. However, the social networking giant is definitely making some moves into investing in California real estate. This may be worth keeping an eye on, as he has already demonstrated his propensity for success.

So what 5 real estate education lessons can be gleaned from the ‘Zuck’s’ recent plays?

1. Diversify

Many would certainly argue that Mark Zuckerberg’s push into an array of California real estate holdings indicates that he is even more bullish on property than he is on the tech scene. That may or may not be 100% accurate, but what is clear is that he believes in diversification.

Many analysts and experts are predicting the tech industry to experience another bubble soon. With real estate just on the verge of a new upswing, it’s the perfect investment for achieving balance, ensuring ongoing income and delivering passive wealth building.

So diversify, and not just into real estate, but into residential, multifamily and commercial investment properties too.

2. Do Your Own Thing

All controversies over the beginnings of Facebook aside, Mark has seemed to continue to do his own thing. His roller coaster ride to fame and wealth is a great lesson in how everyone can root for you when things are going well. However, things can quickly change for the worse if you stray from your original plan. Follow your initial instinct, as it is usually right.

3. Use the Media to Maintain Visibility

From The Social Network to constant news releases, Mark and his company have managed to stay in the spotlight. One of the biggest challenges facing real estate investors is visibility. The noise is growing and consumers are increasingly blocking out marketing messages. Press releases can be a fantastic way to stand out from the pack and position yourself above the competition.

4. Social Media

Obviously no report on Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook could be complete without mentioning social media. No matter how much you despise Facebook or social media in general, or don’t understand how to use it, it is here to stay and can easily be the most profitable way for most real estate investors to get their messages across.

Note that you don’t have to use it personally, or become a master of all of the features, to make it work for your investment business. There is plenty of help out there and the tools for leveraging social media for marketing are getting better every day.

5. Stick to Sound Investment Principals

There may be plenty of criticism of the Facebook founder’s negotiation skills and flamboyant prices he has paid for his own home, the new work campus, and now the reported $14.5 million price tag for a less than half acre lot. However, buying great properties in great areas when prices are good is a real estate investment strategy that has proven sound for centuries.