9 Brain Boosting Activities To Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level

Brain boosting activities

How can real estate professionals boost their brain power to improve productivity, creative thinking, and the ability to take their game to the next level?

Getting to the top of the real estate game takes an elite ability to think. It isn’t necessarily what you know. It is about agile and creative thinking. No matter how smart real estate investors, agents, and CEOs are, there will be days when your brain just seems to be taking a break and isn’t cooperating. How do you jump start your mind and kick yourself back into high gear?

1. Hit the Water

Hit the water for endless ways to invigorate the mind, wake your brain up, and develop new neurons. Catch an air boat ride to boost the adrenaline, para-sail or scuba dive to gain new perspectives, or learn to paddle board, water ski and kayak.

2. Wake Up and Dance

Treat yourself and your significant other to a much needed night out on the town. You can even check out new events like Day Breaker’s morning dance parties. Both music and dancing can help boost cognitive function, thinking, and come with other benefits. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to kick off your day or de-stress after a stressful week.

3. Visit a Theme Park

Going to a theme park is a great way to blow off some stress and spend time with the family. Jump on the scariest rides and throw you stress in the air. It’s also a great reminder that you just have to learn to love the ride of the real estate industry, even when you aren’t sure what’s on the other side of the horizon. If you aren’t fortunate to be near San Diego, CA or Orlando, FL maybe you have a smaller arcade or fun park close by. Take to the go-kart track, rock climb, play laser tag, or mini-golf.

4. Exercise

Working out is a great way to boost the mind, stimulate new thought, mix with new people, and improve your health. Go as hard or as easy as you like. Hit the gym and pump iron like a champion bodybuilder, take a martial arts class, train for a Spartan Race, run, or even just walk your local real estate market.

5. Experience Art

Challenge and stimulate your mind with art. Make a day of visiting local contemporary art galleries or museums. Visit interior design shows or local architectural wonders.

6. Visit Your Dream Homes

Schedule a tour of your dream homes. Get in and get a feel for what it is really like inside the homes and estates you dream or living in most. It will fuel your passion to keep going, boost your visualization sessions, give you something bigger to shoot for, and can help forge new connections with high end real estate agents.

7. Travel

Travel brings an array of brain boosting activities. From trying to navigate a road trip to taking a flight or cruise, there is a lot to challenge you and feed your imagination. Plus, the more you are outside, the more vitamin D you will get, which can boost your brain functions.

8. Learn Something New

Learning is an excellent way to challenge and improve your mind, while adding practical knowledge and skills. Consider cooking classes, new languages, real estate courses, brain boosting apps and games, wine, cheese or chocolate tasting, or something else.

9. Sleep

If your brain is feeling numb, there is a good chance you are suffering from burnout. Sleep can do wonders for helping you recover and you’ll function much better once you are rested. In fact, each of these activities can return far more than the time you invest in them. So pick one and get going.