Marketing To Vacation Homebuyers: How To Crush It This Summer

Balcony overlooking ocean

Summer buyer season is here, and vacation homebuyers can make great clients. With that in mind, how can real estate agents and investors boost their sales and claim the most market share this year?

This is the hottest season of the year for most property markets. Whomever moves the most units now and makes the most money will be in a great position to succeed, and have the biggest marketing budget. So how can real estate pros and companies attract more leads and close more deals as vacationers flock in?

Collaborate with Others

If your real estate market is a popular summer destination, you are not the only local professional or company looking to capitalize on the windfall of business – you can be sure of that. Local travel organizations, restaurants, hotels, co-working spaces, and attractions are all out to win more business and bring more people to the area. Why not team up? Collaborate and make all of your marketing budgets go further. This can be online advertising, local signage, press releases, area maps and guides, or maybe even mobile apps.

Private Invites & Events

Kick old-school open houses and sales pitches to the curb this summer. People on vacation don’t want to be bored. The whole purpose is to have fun and relax. If real estate professionals and firms want to capitalize on the summer buzz to sell more properties, they need that to carry over to how they introduce properties and pitch them. So why not host private parties, cocktail evenings, pool parties, and entertainment to showcases homes and condos for sale? Show them how great it is going to feel to own a slice of paradise.


Tours can be a great way to combine the above and getting buyers to properties, and for accomplishing it in a relaxing and fun way. There is no reason that visitors shouldn’t see both the sights and homes for sale. This also brings more perspective to each property’s location and its value. Offer tours by bus, boat, and air. Creative real estate agents, investors, and CEOs can even find ways to secure sponsors and partnerships to cut down and eliminate costs, while driving up returns.


Where so many independent real estate professionals and companies go wrong with SEO and online lead generation is sticking to the same few keywords all the time. They select a few keywords and just keep working those month after month, and year after year. The thing is that the keywords that work the best are constantly changing. They change every year, sometimes from month to month, and certainly with each season. Be one of the few that stand out and capitalize on the season with the best keywords and you’ll capture more hot online leads.


Airbnb, and other online vacation rental ad sites, can help sellers connect with potential buyers. They can be leveraged to lease properties to gain income from them before they are sold. To prove demand for properties and income potential, and maybe even to offer a ‘try before you buy’ arrangement.

Show Them the Math

Many potential buyers may be seriously underestimating the benefits of buying a vacation property. There are side perks like having your belongings in place, and the feeling of a true second home. However, with interest rates so low, and property prices only headed up, this is a great time to buy. It can be more affordable than many think. With rental rates high and rising, there could be great incomes to be found from renting it out when they aren’t using it. The math may also show this one of the best moves for those consider retiring to the area within the next ten years or so.

Reach Them before They Leave Home

Winning is easier if you get ahead of the competition. If you can win the business before they even leave home, you don’t have to worry about the competition. Market to buyers before they even hit the ground. Some may even find it profitable to offer perks for those that actually buy. This might include refunds for airfare, gas, or hotel stay.


This summer could prove to be a huge season for real estate professionals that take the time to target their marketing towards vacation buyers over the next few months. However, don’t stop there.