8 Trending Home Features of the Elite

Fancy kitchen

What home features are trending among today’s elite?

Staying connected to trending home features, especially of the wealthiest and elite leaders, is about more than fashion. It is about keeping up with trends that sell homes. So what home features do the the world’s elite find the most attractive and appealing?


The March 2015 Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show demonstrates how important kitchens are to the elite. Even the speaker line up consists of chefs. Kitchens almost went extinct in the last boom. No one ate at home and nobody cooked. Today’s paramount focus on healthy eating and eating for performance is changing how people look at the kitchen. Now kitchens are more of a focal point than ever before. They are getting bigger – figuratively and literally. Not everyone has the time to cook, but those desiring peak performance are eating healthier and simpler. The wealthy see great ROI on having personal chefs, and this requires ‘chef kitchens.’

Cryotherapy Chambers

Tony Robbins’ new thing is intense cold therapy: cryotherapy. Those that can afford it are installing these units at home to kick start their day. Ice cold plunge pools can be a budget replacement.

Views, Views, Views

Real estate is about “location, location, location.” Today it isn’t about being close to downtown, or close to work. The internet and remote working is changing that, but views will never go out of fashion. Especially views that won’t be blocked by new developments. Peak performance is priceless. Inspiration is priceless. Views help deliver both. Try putting a price tag on that.

Smart Homes

Most individuals are still reading about ‘The Internet of Things.’ Most see smart home on technology as futuristic and out of reach. Everyone but the wealthy, that is. The wealthy already have homes with smart technology integrated in. Mood lighting, security systems, intelligent refrigerators, mobile app controlled utilities, and more. It isn’t about showing off or splurging: it means hyper-efficiency in every area of life. It means hyper-productivity and performance.

Saunas and Spas

Heat therapy has proven to enhance many types of performance: mental and athletic included. However, heat therapy can help recovery too. If you are a celebrity, the paparazzi loves photographing you. If you are busy, you can’t afford to be heading off to any old gym sauna or hotel hot tub. Expect to see more homes advertised with saunas and spas in the future. Expect them to be a popular home improvement in 2015.

Home Gyms

Home gyms are not a new phenomenon. Home basketball courts, tennis courts, racquet ball courts; these are not rare. They are rarer than middle class home theaters. However,, the elite are continuing to prize home gyms. Going to most public fitness centers isn’t efficient or productive. Unless the goal is to network, home gyms are a necessity. They do have value, but for the super-elite. A home gym is far better for those that can afford one. For the price of an Equinox gym membership, you can build your own well equipped gym at home. That adds value to your home. That’s better than increasing the valuation of a pricey gym startup.

What’s going into personal gyms in elite estates is changing. Look at current fitness trends. The endurance race and Spartan Race brand is trending on Facebook. This is a far different workout, with different equipment than in most fitness facilities.

Guest Houses

Guest houses are in. We’ve seen mother-in-law suites make a comeback in mid-range housing. At the top of the market it is about having guest houses. Some elite estates don’t stop with one. Compounds are cool. Two, three, or more guest houses are great. This provides plenty of space for the grand kids, without cramping your zone. It facilitates being able to invite others to stay and meet in privacy over a few days. This is how today’s elite are doing business – not in budget co-working spaces. With the right zoning, guest houses and the land they sit on can sell in one day.


Outdoor spaces took off in 2014. Now outdoor is becoming redefined. The hottest home designs now incorporate flexible indoor-outdoor spaces. Kitchen walls vanish and open to patios for entertaining. Patio covers are becoming increasingly automated. Louvered pergolas ensure entertaining is never interrupted by the weather. Outdoor home offices are emerging. Take your home outdoors!