6 Summer Getaways For Real Estate Professionals

San diego bay

Summer is coming. It is a time when every real estate agent, investor, and CEO should be going on vacation. So where are the best destinations for real estate professionals to travel in 2015?

All Real Estate Professionals Need to Getaway

There are at least a dozen reasons every real estate professional should be traveling this summer. Getting away allows you to relax, recharge, find inspiration, discover new ideas, explore new real estate markets, spend quality time with family, scout out a new vacation home location, expand knowledge and preempt burnout. These are all reason for traveling this year.Now that you know why you should travel, how about learning the best places to travel to.

Seven Sweet Spots to Explore this Year:

San Diego, California: San Diego is one of the most popular vacation spots for wealthy, international tourists. If you haven’t been, it’s time to go! It has great pizza, stunning beaches, endless activities, and one of the most diverse real estate markets in the United States. If you don’t own or invest in real estate in San Diego County, you’ll learn a ton about why others are. When it comes to evaluating the fundamentals of U.S. housing markets, San Diego is a wealth of knowledge. Real estate professionals will find this market has some of the best legs looking forward. Don’t miss out. Plan to spend a few weeks in San Diego.

Southwest Florida: Southwest Florida offers incredible beaches, and the opportunity to see incredible diversity in real estate markets in action. This region may be less frequented than Southeast Florida or Orlando, but it is just as much for real estate experts. The area is home to four distinct real estate markets – all in different phases of the real estate cycle. Naples, FL remains one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It is a mature stronghold of old money. Just north is Bonita Springs, which has come leaps and bounds since the early 2000s. Development has been furious, as is population growth. Estero is between Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Estero just became home to the headquarters of Hertz. This has sparked a new commercial real estate development frenzy. Demand for housing is sure to rise. Ft. Myers combines the beach, urban downtown, and the more rural Lehigh Acres, which was a hotspot for investment in the last boom. Lehigh Acres has new homes and room for infill. Properties are cheap and rents reasonable.

Lanai, Hawaii: Lanai isn’t far for Californians. But, it can feel a world away for city dwellers on the East Coast. The island was recently purchased by Larry Ellison. Ellison is currently experimenting in turning the island into a 100% green tourist resort. Hotel rates have jumped up to around $1,000 a night. Even camping can set you back over $100. But it is never likely to be cheaper. This is an exciting getaway for real estate entrepreneurs with big visions. It’s the chance to see how one person can orchestrate the complete change of an entire territory.

Detroit, Michigan: Detroit may not be on top of anyone’s list of dream vacations – unless you are from the area. You may not even consider making this a summer vacation destination. However, there are some good reasons for real estate investors, agents, and entrepreneurs to go. It’s not clear whether the city will pull off its rebound. Or if it will become the next Mayan ruins. Yet, it provides great insight into the entrepreneurial spirit. Few real estate investors have the guts to go into Detroit. But it has become famous for its dirt cheap property.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco might not be on your buy list. It is home to some very pricey real estate, and affordability is becoming a concern. However, there are many great reasons to visit. This is where the bulk of venture capital and investment in startups is happening. It’s where a lot of tomorrow’s technology is developing today. As a result, it has a high concentration of great minds, talents, and visionaries.

Miami, Florida: Miami is becoming a huge destination for start-ups. It has a high concentration of billionaires, innovative real estate developments, endless parties, and spectacular sandy beaches. It is hard to find a reason not to visit Miami.