Augmented Reality: Applications For San Diego Real Estate

How can augmented reality applications help San Diego real estate professionals?

California currently boasts one of the hottest real estate markets and tech hubs in the world. One of the most significant developments, which is likely to fuel both cloud and brick and mortar businesses, is augmented reality. So what is augmented reality? More importantly, how can San Diego real estate agents, investors and companies use this technology to fuel their success?

Augmented reality (AR) continues to be a hot topic amongst various media outlets, even though many still don’t understand what it entails. Future implications are still being evaluated. Even among those familiar with AR technology, where it is headed and how it can be used is certainly up in the air.

The majority of U.S. real estate investors and Realtors have yet to experience the true nature of augmented reality. Some tech savvy investors may be familiar with some applications on their phone, but others are still left wondering what it is. In its simplest form, augmented reality can take the form of virtual reality. At the very least, it is a medium for crossing the online – offline divide.

While still somewhat rudimentary, this technology niche is certainly gaining traction and developing fast. However, some forms of AR may be slow and are too cumbersome or expensive for real estate investors on every level.

Simple forms of AR technology are already rolling out. While maintaining their affordability, they are easy to implement and use for all sides. This was witnessed by last week’s introduction of augmented reality applications into print marketing by G-Code Magazine who created a line of interactive motivational posters to showcase their progress.

This type of application could benefit San Diego investors who take advantage of it. For starters, it could help early adopters generate more buzz about their brands and services for less.

Those San Diego County real estate companies with physical offices and storefronts can use augmented reality to make models, listings and retail window displays pop. Perhaps even more importantly, they can place listings in the hands clients. Using this technology can place your listings on every cell phone you desire, essentially expanding your exposure with flare.

Applied to listings, model homes and open houses; this technology can be used to provide all sorts of interactive and highly valuable information. Done correctly, it can dramatically increase appeal and desirability for selling homes faster and for top dollar.

It could also be used to highlight a virtually endless myriad of features and facts. Applications like this can reduce labor costs, time and boost value. Southern California Realtors and investors could then focus their attention and funds on more important matters.

Similar real estate marketing tactics can be applied to outdoor advertising and print ads. This is ideal for urban areas and could give smaller players a huge advantage in the market place.

Imagine the benefit these applications can have on yard and bandit signs.

It even works for direct mail, as each piece is more interactive and engaging than ever before. Who will be the first to put it into play in your neighborhood?