San Diego Real Estate: What It Takes To Win

What does it take for entrepreneurs and brokers to start and maintain a leading San Diego real estate company?

The Southern California property market continues to get healthier and heat up. However, competition continues to grow at an exponential pace. This makes it an incredible time to get into the real estate business, go out on your own, or make your enterprise bigger. It also means it’s a lot harder to stand out, get noticed, maintain a loyal customer base and stay on top.

So what does it take to create a winning San Diego real estate business that will continue to thrive in 2014 and beyond? The following tips will help you achieve success in the San Diego real estate industry:

1. Transparency

Transparency is trending upward. It’s not just wanted anymore. A lack of transparency is a major turn off to potential clients. Those companies that are being the most transparent are finding PR and traffic a breeze.

2. Authenticity

Far too many real estate agents, new brokers and investors in San Diego continue to try and copy the style of old corporate giants. Ironically, like the Regus billionaire who just doubled his fortune, these giants are actually increasingly trying to emulate young, fresh startups. Just be yourself. Embrace your individual brand and personality. It’s your best asset for standing out.

3. Authority

While startups are hot; real estate investors, agents and CEOs in San Diego County need to have some degree of authority. This isn’t necessarily the same as brand recognition and domination, although those are nice laurels to be able to lean on. Authority and expertise doesn’t have to take decades in the industry or local market to develop. Today, more often than not, it is about getting out in front. Authority can be the result of good visibility This can come from great SEO, advertising, PR, blogging, and TV appearances.

4. Unique

If your angle isn’t unique, you are going to have a tough time in this business. Implementing proven real estate investment marketing systems is smart, but unless you have something unique to offer, it will be a lot tougher to get noticed. This is where many completely flop. Take the time to research your individual market and stay on op of trends.

5. Cohesive Message

Tacking on trendy ideas doesn’t work if the message doesn’t gel with your branding and positioning. You want to be clear as to what your goal is. However, it is equally important that your clients understand why you are there to help them. Make your presence is known and understandable.

6. Ask Better Questions

Finding the right angle isn’t about doing more of the same, or pushing harder, but often about re-framing the challenge. Ask better questions to get better answers.

7. ‘Find Another Box’

Sometimes it’s really hard to effectively innovate if you are stuck in the same box (and surroundings). One leading innovation guru recently suggested the key is finding a new way to innovate, and instead of trying to ‘think outside of the box’ – “finding a new box.”