San Diego Real Estate Companies: The Best For Your Needs

What is the best type of San Diego real estate company to help you with your needs?

The San Diego real estate market has improved by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. It is regarded as one of the healthiest markets in the United States. This is enabling many San Diego real estate owners to finally sell their properties for a profit. Perhaps even more importantly, it is spurring a rebound in home buying and investment activity.

Still, even for those that have been involved in real estate transactions recently, it can be incredibly trying to choose between San Diego real estate agents and subsequent companies.

Investors want to know who they can trust, who is the best equipped to help and what level of service is really necessary? So what’s the best move? Finding the best San Diego real estate company for your needs could be a game changer. Familiarize yourself with the six types of real estate companies you will find in San Diego:

1. Residential Real Estate Brokerages

These companies specialize in helping individuals buy and sell houses. They normally deal with individuals that are buying or selling single unit properties and need help searching, marketing, making offers, navigating paperwork, negotiating and coordinating the transaction. Commission rates vary, but 6% of the purchase or sales price continues to be pretty much industry standard across America.

2. Commercial Real Estate Brokerages

These real estate companies specialize in working with investors and businesses looking to buy and sell apartment buildings, office complexes, industrial warehouses and hotels. They essentially provide the same services as listed above, often with the addition of leasing assistance.

3. Real Estate Investment Firms

There are also real estate investment firms which can help homeowners buy their properties fast, often for cash and far faster than choosing to list a property with a Realtor. They either hold these properties as rentals, or fix, remodel and improve them with the intentions of selling or renting. For buyers and investors, this can provide an invaluable source for properties at wholesale discounts and access to off market homes that are unavailable elsewhere.

4. Big Brand Franchises

Real estate brokerages are further segmented into different categories, including those which fall under several large international franchises. Whether it is McDonalds or Popeye’s Chicken, these firms choose to flag themselves under a recognized brand. As with their fast food franchise counterparts, there is some attraction to the familiar name. However, while they have some established agents, they are also frequently the first stop for brand new agents.

6. Local Boutique Agencies

Many San Diego real estate agents graduate from these large franchises to local boutique real estate companies which offer them high commission splits and specialize in various niches of the Southern California market.

7. Discount Agencies

Over the last decade, a number of discount houses have opened up (and closed), offering ‘discounted’ real estate services which range from providing marketing materials to help getting homes listed in the MLS. However, while there can be money to be saved by some, others may have found these services more expensive in the long run.