Investor Loans For Buying Foreclosures In San Diego

Are you currently looking for real estate investor loans that will facilitate the purchasing of foreclosures in San Diego?

The Southern California housing market is hot, and while there is still a lot of value to be found, many are concerned there aren’t enough short sales and REOs to go around. That means a need for more capital and leverage, fast.

So where can investors receive loans for buying foreclosures in San Diego, CA?

Even for experienced investors, financing through regular main street channels has been challenging. This is even more pressing for those looking to take advantage of the current market and those barred from conventional mortgages due to already holding more than 4 properties.

However, those intent on buying foreclosures in San Diego have a fantastic new source of liquidity becoming available to them.

For quite a while, CT Homes, LLC has urged investors to find ways to work with giant private equity funds, rather than fear them as the competition. Some listened and found creative ways to profit from them, others chose to remain frustrated or overpay for properties.

Now giant private equity firms and hedge funds are moving into the lending business; offering big money, for less than the banks.

They understand investors’ needs and are reportedly loaning for bulk buying opportunities. They provide individual loans on properties to provide investors with more flexibility. They have billions in capital to put to work, with loan amounts starting at $5 million to $10 million.

However, this strategy means less competition for investors buying foreclosures in San Diego and elsewhere around the United States. This doesn’t mean less demand, as retail buyers are certainly making up for it, but it does mean more value for those looking to flip homes or build in equity upfront.