San Diego House Flipping Tips: Finding Motivated Sellers

Have you found your real estate investing aspirations held back by challenges in connecting with motivated sellers? If so, take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the following San Diego house flipping tips so that you may engage sellers more frequently and effectively.

You’ve probably browsed volumes of house flipping books for tips with little to no success. More than likely; you have already tried cold calling, buying lead lists from the usual suspects and giving direct mail a shot. You’ve probably even explored probate properties in your pursuit of San Diego house flipping.

Before digging into more San Diego house flipping suggestions, decide on a few real estate marketing strategies that are aligned with your goals. However, if previous attempts have resulted in failure, consider the following:

You’ll be glad to know that REOs, out of area mailers, NODs, stalking FSBO signs, and the MLS are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 15 alternative motivated sellers and how you can reach them:

  1. Couples that have just gotten married from public records and wedding planners
  2. Properties with code violations – find the owners online from property tax records
  3. Private equity funds and bulk buyers with weight to unload
  4. Property owners running Craigslist ads for renters or rent-to-own tenants
  5. Divorcees can be found in the newspaper or from attorneys and counselors
  6. Watch local news for people being locked up and that need bail money or help with bills
  7. Leads from builder reps with clients contracted to buy new homes
  8. Tap corporate HR departments to help with relocating employees
  9. Employees of companies announcing big layoffs
  10. Network at home related tradeshows and bank events for defaulting borrowers
  11. Call landlords advertising for property management help
  12. Surf online real estate forums for other investors that made mistakes
  13. Referrals from nursing homes and assisted living facilities when new clients inquire
  14. Referrals from local church staff helping their parishioners with various life struggles
  15. Real estate wholesalers like CT Homes, LLC