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46% of Modified Home Loans Defaulting Again

Posted by JD Esajian // July 31, 2013


According to a new report, 46% of modified home loans under the government HAMP program (2009) are re-defaulting. On top of this, 38% of the modified home loans made in 2010 are also defaulting again. With the number of these loans re-defaulting, investors can capitalize on the situation while helping distressed homeowners. One of the great win-wins, for each party, can be acquiring the mortgage notes. Investors who do so can modify the loan to help homeowners and then flip or hold the property.

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Partnership Advice For Flipping San Diego Houses

Posted by JD Esajian // July 30, 2013


There is plenty of financial advice pertaining to flipping San Diego houses, but tips for structuring a real estate partnership are harder to come by. Whether you love or hate the idea of having a partner, more investors will find them to be a necessity that is vital for survival. Establishing a partnership for flipping San Diego homes can be very simple. Everyone is most likely going to be amicable and optimistic at the beginning, but unless structured right from day one, an array of potential hazards can wreak havoc on an investor’s finances.

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Time Running Out For San Diego Foreclosure and Short Sales

Posted by JD Esajian // July 29, 2013


There are still many short sales, borrowers in foreclosure, and a good number of homeowners entering the foreclosure process in San Diego. Despite statistics showing a significant decline over the last few years, a San Diego foreclosure deal or short sale is not too hard to find. Some have neglected to take action, thought values would rise faster or fell prey to real estate agents promising outrageous sales prices while homes continue to sit on the MLS. The Southern Californian housing market is great, but for those underwater, whether or not in foreclosure yet, time may be running out.

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Tips For Flipping San Diego Homes: The KIS Philosophy

Posted by JD Esajian // July 26, 2013


Flipping houses has become increasingly popular in certain parts of the country because of the profit margins made available by the new housing boom. Locations like San Diego are experiencing a revolution with this particular method of real estate investment. If you want to partake, it is important to understand the following house flipping tips. Those new to real estate investing (and even the experienced) can often sabotage themselves, or at least restrict their results. Unprepared investors can be their own worst enemy. Therefore, it is important for every investor to familiarize themselves with the KIS methodology or philosophy. KIS serves as a constant reminder to Keep It Simple.

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How Rising Mortgage Rates Will Benefit Investors Flipping San Diego Real Estate

Posted by JD Esajian // July 25, 2013


How might rising mortgage rates actually help investors flipping real estate? First off, they create a lot of urgency among sellers. This makes them more motivated to close deals fast. This includes individual homeowners with equity, in foreclosure and attempting short sales as well as banks with REOs and non-performing loans. Secondly, high rates make banks a lot more eager to make new loans, relax criteria and even make riskier loans. They can always make it up in interest on performing loans. That means more borrowers qualifying and increased lending volumes.

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Tips to Sell Homes in San Diego

Posted by JD Esajian // July 24, 2013


What tips can investors and homeowners learn to sell homes in San Diego? Acquiring the right information can give anyone an advantage in this competitive market. While home prices are heading up and available housing inventory has been shrinking, there is no question that mortgage lenders are speeding up the foreclosure process when they can. Many San Diego County homeowners are still underwater and at risk of going into foreclosure. However, not every home is selling at lightning speed or attracting multiple offers. So what can local property owners do to sell homes in San Diego faster and avoid damaging their credit? The following tips are intended to help those who want to sell homes in San Diego:

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Finding Capital For Flipping San Diego Property

Posted by JD Esajian // July 23, 2013


While those flipping property in San Diego may have access to transactional funding for wholesaling homes, few may use conventional mortgages on a regular basis. Remember that there are many advantages of using this leverage. However, mortgage interest rates are on their way up and hard money lenders will certainly follow this trend as their services become more in demand. Mortgage rates are still ridiculously low right now, but will no doubt continue to rise over the next decade. Therefore, it is important to understand the different places to receive capital.

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Tips To Sell Your San Diego Home Fast

Posted by JD Esajian // July 22, 2013


Price is one of the most important factors when deciding how to sell your San Diego home. You’ve no doubt heard it before, but the importance of this cannot be underestimated. Over pricing your home won’t mean that you’ll get the chance to negotiate with potential buyers. Once you are beyond a certain range, your home listing will be instantly dismissed and ignored, resulting in lost time. This carries over to its general visibility by potential buyers. If it isn’t seen and if home buyers don’t know it’s for sale, they obviously aren’t going to be contacting you to make offers on it.

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Is It Too Late In The Foreclosure Process To Save My Home?

Posted by JD Esajian // July 19, 2013


While there are always new foreclosures being filed across the country, some homeowners have been procrastinating. Some thought help would fall out of the sky or magically appear in their mailboxes, lenders would be more eager to work with them, the government would do more, or their home values would have risen faster. Unfortunately, for many, nothing ever materialized. Now that the market is improving (though not fast enough for many distressed and delinquent homeowners), banks are rushing ahead with foreclosures and are speeding up the foreclosure process.

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Should I Borrow Money From My Family To Flip Real Estate?

Posted by JD Esajian // July 18, 2013

Happy Family in Front of House

Without question, it’s an awesome time to flip real estate and make profits in the housing sector. Done right, it can be a low risk opportunity to turn a profit and have a lot of fun. However, what if it means borrowing money from family? Where do you draw the line on lenders? First, know that you can flip real estate with little to no money of your own, even with poor credit. Of course, some startup and working capital can go a long way. Being a cash buyer in today’s housing market can definitely be a plus. However, if your family has extra cash to invest, then you could be doing them a huge favor. Using family money WISELY can potentially net everyone more profits.

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