Mobile Real Estate Apps: The Future of the Industry?

icon-phoneHow are mobile real estate apps changing the way we buy homes, and what major shake ups could it cause in the industry?

All real estate agents and investors know an evolving strategy is needed to succeed, but will mobile real estate apps change the playing field?

Mobile real estate apps, like Foursquare promotions or SMS marketing, allow every investor to participate in some form of marketing to maintain visibility and ownership. As it stands, mobile real estate apps can change the face of the industry.

As a result, Trulia is making big moves by announcing an app for Google Glass. This could potentially shake up the competition between big players like Zillow and However, new interactive augmented reality apps will certainly also have impacts on branding and winning customers through engagement.

Still, even the hot technology that these apps boast is nothing compared to what’s to come. With artificial intelligence integrated apps, personal assistants that probe consumers, serve up targeted ads and search results; mobile real estate apps will continue to change with the market.

The power and effectiveness of these mobile real estate apps will only be compounded by more data and advanced real estate marketers.

However, the internet powered platforms and phone service providers that consumers use could change quickly.

Could new news of the NSA and FBI hacking Facebook, Google and Skype data, audio and video streams cause a big exodus, and let other players rise to the top? Could this be Apple’s opportunity to bounce back as a brand? How would massive change in this area of tech affect you and your business?