Buying a Home in San Diego: Scripps Ranch

As a bedroom community of San Diego, Scripps Ranch isn’t within easy walking distance of downtown, but if you’re buying a home in San Diego, what it lacks in location it makes up for in safety and schools. If you want to settle in an affordable, family-friendly neighborhood, Scripps Ranch should be high on your list.

It’s a bedroom community, yes, but Scripps Ranch has a flavor all its own. The coast it shares with the Miramar Reservoir is lined with miles of preserved California wetlands instead of beaches, and instead of palm trees, the open spaces are dotted with exotic eucalyptus.

Scripps Ranch’s unique landscape isn’t the only thing that makes it great, though. The community’s 30,000 residents are also incredibly active in maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere for families. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association publishes a 70-page newsletter every month that covers all current events around the community, then delivers it to the 12,000 households that compose the neighborhood. If the newsletter contains a crime blotter, it must take up just a column inch or two, because crime is rare in Scripps Ranch. The community also hosts a Fourth of July parade, a spring festival, a holiday tree-lighting festival and numerous neighborhood-wide “clean up days.” As the schools? They’re thought to be some of the best in San Diego County.

A single-family home in Scripps Ranch will cost about $500,000, while condos can be snatched up for less than $300,000. That’s a small price to pay for the safety and the great surroundings you’ll get to enjoy as the owner of a piece of this San Diego real estate. Just ask all the ex-San Diego Chargers players that call the Scripps Ranch home.

If you’re buying a house in San Diego and you want the best for your family (and at an affordable price), think about joining the Scripps Ranch community. Great neighbors and good schools are just a few reasons why this community is the best place to settle down in San Diego for the money.