Where to Find the Best Real Estate Education in 2013

agentFlipping houses is not just rising in popularity, but as we move into a new housing boom it is becoming even more profitable. However, the results and net proceeds seen by investors continue to show incredible disparity. It can be relatively easy and incredibly enjoyable if you have the right real estate education system backing you up.

So where can investors tap into the best real estate education and tips for the year ahead?

One of the most common paths of the moment seems to be aspiring investors flocking to real estate investing forums for free advice. This can be incredibly valuable, though perhaps more so for the more advanced investor simply looking for feedback on a specific issue or decision. This certainly isn’t the effective choice for a well-rounded and comprehensive real estate education. The information is simply too fragmented and the voices weighing in not always the veteran authority types you want to learn from.

One innovative new trend has seen the rise of ‘advice by the minute,’ which enables aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into the leading business minds in the country on a convenient per-minute calling rate. It’s neat and potentially high value, but if you expect to get enough information to really understand the industry, it can get really expensive with some consultants charging as much as $177 each minute.

Industry magazines and blogs are always good sources of information to stay wired into trends and market changes, but don’t generally provide a complete A-Z program or structure.

Without a doubt, the best solution for a robust real estate education that can really fast track new investors to success and ensure they successfully navigate hurdles and pitfalls is too dive into an organized course. Those that are really serious about winning, will probably also want to opt for coaching to see the maximum rewards in the shortest amount of time, while setting themselves up to win the long game too. Combining passion with knowledge will help anyone succeed in the real estate industry.