Top 5 Styles Of San Diego Houses

San Diego houses come in a variety of types and styles. If you’re looking for southern California real estate, you’ll want to educate yourself on the many styles of San Diego houses. The top 5 styles include:

• Ranch Homes. These San Diego houses are among the most popular in the area. Typical ranch homes are one story and featuring long, low lines. Minimal exterior decoration characterizes ranch homes, and many of them have attached garages and large windows. Ranch homes are great for young families, because they’re easy to find in almost any neighborhood.
• Townhomes. Townhomes are the ultimate in urban living. Located in many cities throughout the country, townhomes are popular in San Diego. These San Diego houses have multiple floors and are more narrow than their suburban counterparts. Great for families interested in city living, townhomes are typically built in a row. They may not have the character of independently-built houses, but they’re usually convenient to local amenities, including stores and entertainment.
• Spanish Style. Also known as Mission style, these San Diego houses are particularly abundant in southern California. When people think of San Diego architecture, they usually think of Spanish style homes. These houses are characterized by their stucco sides, red roofs and archways. This is a great style to choose if you want your home to exude cool and breezy California style.
• Split Level. A variation on the traditional ranch home, split level houses combine the sensibilities of the ranch home with the style of multi-story homes. Most San Diego houses that have split levels can be recognized by their staircases and attached garages.
• Postmodern Style. In a postmodern style home, anything goes. Unique forms and shapes characterize these San Diego houses, and they typically look different from all the other homes on the block. If you’re looking for a unique home that nobody else will have, you’ll want to look for postmodern homes. Postmodern homes tend to be newer and may incorporate green technology like solar panels and geothermic heating.

Educating yourself on different San Diego houses can help make your home buying choice easy. By knowing about the different styles on the market, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect home for you and your family.