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This is Why You Should Really Be Flipping Houses

real-estateFlipping houses can deliver fast money, lots of cash and fuel many more investments, but is that really why you should be doing it?

One real estate investor recently featured on CNN Money flips houses for a different reason…

This investor was out buying up as many foreclosure homes as he could. Then he remodeled and flipped these houses. Now he has even moved on to acquiring and revamping commercial properties and local strip malls and storefronts.

Apparently he has become so wealthy that today he is now able to pay cash for foreclosures and repairs, yet demands little if any profits. His reasoning? He does it simply to better communities, because he doesn’t need the money anymore.

Yes, real estate investing is great, if not the best path to a better income, incredible wealth building, creating a valuable legacy, enjoying more free time and achieving true financial freedom. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding on many other levels besides the purely financial.

In fact, if you focus on doing it for good; for saving neighborhoods and cities, helping to make a significant positive impact on individuals and families and creating better communities the financial rewards will follow by themselves (providing you have a reasonable handle on money management).

So take a new perspective on flipping houses for a moment. What difference can you make by helping to stem foreclosures, picking up distressed properties, providing quality housing and revitalizing not just individual homes by rehabbing them, but entire communities?

How will this inspiring outlook change your real estate investing strategy, your pitches, your marketing, who can help you and how can you scale this to be achieved in a huge way?