Paul Avery – Niagara Ave – Seller

“I decided to sell a rental house I’ve owned for 38 years. It is in a very nice neighborhood but had never had the footprint increased and was basically due for lots of upgrades. Speed and ease of transition were what I desired, an as-is sale, few closing costs so I didn’t think using a realtor was the right way to go. I contacted the folks at CT Homes to see if it was a good project for them. They did and the couple months it took from initial communication through the closing were very enjoyable. They made a fair offer with some alternative financial options, and they were flexible as I worked with tenants. Kevin, the acquisition specialist and everyone I had communication with were great, professional but down to earth and friendly. They even let me keep some newer appliances in the property. 2 thumbs all the way! Thanks CT Homes.”  Closed Escrow 1/19/2021