Cyndi Stetson – 11th Ave Agent

“HONESTLY…..A SHEER PLEASURE FROM START TO FINISH on two transactions I have had the pleasure to work with CT HOME on. I am a seasoned professional agent who works with buyers and sellers in San Diego’s North county for the past 11 years. On one occasion, a buyer wanted to purchase a CT HOMES renovation project in Southwest Escondido, and we won a multiple bidding war. The house looked THAT good. But more importantly, when it came time for inspections and repairs, even my client’s inspector had nothing but praise for the way they had rehabbed this wonderful home. Lots of areas where they could have scrimped or done something different and cheaper, but the did it right, like they were building a home for their own family member. ALSO they did everything (returning contracts, returning calls, doing requested repairs, closing escrow on time) the way we all dream our transactions would all go. THEN, years later, I had a house in pretty bad shape that needed a buyer, and along came the excellent team at CT HOMES. This time the shoe was on the other foot and they were the buyers, and they stepped up to the plate and wrote a clean, easy and very fair offer to the seller of a home which had many permit, planning and non-livable issues. The escrow closed not only on time, without a hitch and they did everything they promised to do, ahead of schedule. Honestly, if all businesses did work this way, people would have faith in our profession again, it has become the rarity, rather then the rule. I would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT JUMP at a chance to be on the other side of the transaction from this organization, I would WORK WITH THEM if they would just open an office in NORTH COUNTY, they are a dream come true and a work horse of a company. Happy employees means a great product and they seam to understand what team-work is. GREAT JOB CT HOMES!!!!”