Six Reasons You Should Consider Investing In Real Estate Today

beginner investor

Real estate investing is one of the best careers you can possibly have. Sure, this may be a little biased but it also happens to be true.  Investing in real estate gives you the ability to make your own schedule as well as the chance to generate unlimited income.  There is no boss telling you where you have to be and what you need to do.  You can invest as little or as much as you like and there are no licenses needed to get started.  The business is truly available to anyone who wants to be involved and the sky is the limit.  If you are on the fence as to whether or not a career in real estate may be for you here are six reasons why you should consider investing in real estate today.

  • Barriers Of Entry. As we mentioned one of the biggest reasons why new investors get started in real estate is because anyone can do it. If you wanted to practice law you couldn’t just go down to the local courthouse and work on the next case. You would need to go to school for several years than pass a grueling exam. In real estate you can make an offer on the next property that hits the market if you wanted to. There is no licensing requirement or continuing education you need to uphold. A brand new investor has the same opportunity for success as someone who has been in business for years. There is nothing holding you back from getting started or standing in your way from sustaining it.
  • Make Your Own Schedule. As a real estate investor you can concentrate on the business as much or as little as you want to. If you want to close just a few deals a year that option is on the table. If you want to quit your day job start a new career path that option is available as well. As a new investor you can dictate how you want your day to go. You no longer are forced to the same tired routine every day. You can get out of the office and come and go as you please. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard but you will have greater flexibility to do some of the things you may have been missing out with your previous schedule.
  • No Office. Working for a big company and sitting at a cubicle all day has a few distinct advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side you can receive steady income and utilize any health insurance provided by the company. The negative is that you are forced to deal with office politics and usually do the same mundane tasks every day. In real estate there is something exciting and new each and every day. Instead of sitting at a cubicle you can get out and meet people and grow your business. You are the CEO, CFO and President of your own business. You can run in any way you like without someone looking over your shoulder.
  • Unlimited Income Potential. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to control your own income? In real estate that scenario exists. There are no caps on how much you can make. If you work hard, network and find deals you can close as many as you can handle. You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder and wait your turn to succeed. This doesn’t mean you will have instant success upon entering the business. The real estate investing business isn’t easy. However you are in control of your financial future more than any corporate job you can ever have.
  • Higher Average Returns. Any type of investing is about balancing risk and reward. You don’t need to be a finance major to know that parking your money in a savings account may not be the best investment vehicle. Sure, you will make a small yield every month but it won’t grow at a very fast pace. With real estate you can turn an average investment into a home run. Additionally you don’t necessarily need all of the funds to come from your account. It is quite possible that you leverage bank funds or even other people’s money to generate a return. Any way you slice it the potential in real estate is much greater than almost any other investment you will find.
  • Cash Flow Potential. When most people think of real estate investing they think of quick flips and rehabs. There are more rehabbing shows currently on TV than ever before. However, rehabbing isn’t the only way to invest in real estate. There are many real estate investors who focus solely on rental properties. A high performing rental property gives the owner a mix of monthly cash flow coupled with long term appreciation potential. With a strong management team in place they can receive all the perks of the property without having to deal with the day to day drama. The ability to open your mail box once a month and receive surplus cash flow is a wonderful part of the business.

There is truly no better time than right now to get started in real estate. Getting started in anything new is never easy but the perks of the business are too great to ignore.