Real Estate Marketing: 60 Ideas For Social Media Updates

Are you constantly wondering what to post on your real estate company’s social media profile? With the endless supply of social media platforms your company can take advantage of, it is important to be proactive. Social media is an ever increasing presence that must be embraced and has the potential to propel your business to the next level. However, it may be easier said than done.  There is a particular approach that must be taken to facilitate its progression.

Here are 60 social media ideas to help your real estate marketing:

  1. Link to local news developments
  2. Announce new local real estate market statistics
  3. Highlight new local businesses
  4. Cover hot, new real estate start-ups that may help your prospects
  5. Praise local businesses that deliver really great customer service
  6. Vote for your favorite local weekend activities
  7. Raise awareness of local events
  8. Call for support for local charities, food banks and fundraisers
  9. Name the banks and mortgage lenders that have been most helpful to other clients
  10. Promote new home listings
  11. Show off before and after pictures of your rehabs
  12. Let people know about the great materials you are using in your rehabs
  13. Identify good movers and concierge services for assisting those relocating
  14. Rave about your sports team winning (people love sports)
  15. Wish followers happy holiday greetings
  16. Send birthday shout outs
  17. Post pictures of your lunch (occasionally)
  18. Advice the public of new zoning changes and new laws
  19. Post updates on your business progress from last month or year
  20. Unveil a new hire you just brought on
  21. Praise one of your employees and their great work
  22. Provide updates on local foreclosures
  23. Shout about new revitalization projects and investments
  24. Reveal how great or poorly the county is doing at collecting property taxes
  25. Link to your new blog post
  26. Link to articles written about your business elsewhere on the web
  27. Remind users to follow you and connect via other social media platforms
  28. Announce new social media networks you have joined and your handles
  29. Remind people to sign up for your email and SMS updates
  30. Recommend the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day
  31. Show off videos of virtual tours of homes you love or are listing
  32. Put up slide shows of the area’s most and least expensive homes
  33. Post pictures of hot interior design trends
  34. Launch a competition to win a gift card
  35. Run a giveaway for the best answer to a question
  36. Let people know what books you are reading
  37. Post videos of you explaining the basics of buying or selling a home
  38. Create a video on the advantages of real estate investing
  39. Advertise new features and tweaks made to your real estate website
  40. Herald the launch of your new mobile app
  41. Offer to give away lists of foreclosure properties
  42. Let people know which networking events and conferences you are heading to
  43. Explain key points about the complexities of appraisals
  44. Highlight new interest rates
  45. Share your real estate company’s vision
  46. Share tips you learn about running and growing a business
  47. Post a quote of the day
  48. Come up with your own quote of the day
  49. Invite guest bloggers to write on your site
  50. Announce new job openings
  51. Post info-graphics on the benefits of buying vs renting a home or vice versa
  52. Offer advice on improving credit scores
  53. Explain the benefits of a home inspection
  54. Provide DIY tips for homeowners and rehabbers
  55. Leak information on upcoming listings
  56. Ask for buyers’ criteria and what home features they are looking for
  57. Solicit testimonials
  58. Remind connections of the secondary real estate services you offer
  59. Announce a meet up opportunity
  60. Let the world know when you have leads and referrals to give away