Real Estate in 2013: A New Way of Doing Business

wholesale-real-estate-investingOld ways of doing business are fading fast, and those that are embracing the changes are those coming out on top in the real estate industry.

Technology is obviously changing the work place dramatically. Telecommuting is perhaps even more common than traditional arrangements today. Increasing emphasis is being placed on corporate culture and taking care of employees versus the other way around.

In terms of owning the market, things are changing big time too. Old, established brands can no longer sit back on their laurels and expect to hold onto their monopolies unless they are investing in innovation. The timing has never been better for startups and growth by individual investors.

Whether you think the economy is getting better or is on the verge of a precipice, it doesn’t really matter, there is money to be made by those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a little creativity.

However,  sharing and collaboration is proving to be the most profitable and faster route to success. Businesses are realizing that, while there still may be plenty of corporate espionage, those that are enjoying the fastest growth and most loyal customer bases are those that are embracing a more open approach.

This is especially true in the real estate investing industry. There is enough money to go around for everyone, and the more everyone prospers, the bigger the lift is for the economy as a whole.  Embracing this change can ensure real estate business continuity.

For real estate investors, this means more buyers flush with cash, private lenders and mortgage companies eager to make loans.

This applies to sharing knowledge, working with other local real estate professionals on marketing and promoting the destination as a whole, trading best business practices and becoming more social.