Making a Bathroom Safe

Installing a grab bar is an easy way to make a bathroom safer – for all ages not just children, the handicapped and seniors. To ensure that the bar will support the weight of a person, both ends should be attached to a stud which is a wood structural support. Grab bars are handy near the tub and in the shower and in some cases near the toilet. Never use a towel rack as a substitute for a grab bar because it is not designed to bear that kind of load.

Avoid using electrical appliances such a space heaters, hair dryers or radios near a wet tub or shower. Getting an appliance all wet can cause a serious and even fatal shock. All bathroom outlets should be equipped with GFI’s (ground fault interrupters) to prevent that possibility. But even so, you should not mix electrical appliances with water.

Prevent bathroom falls by laying scatter rugs with nonskid backings and providing tubs and showers with adhesive decals or suction-backed rubber mats.

Tip: There’s also a simple way to avoid the buildup of residue in your soap dish. cut a thin, cellulose sponge to fit within your soap dish. the soapy film will run into the sponge instead of the dish itself therefore making clean up a matter of wringing out the sponge in the water.