How to be the Rockefeller of Real Estate 2013

Want to become an incredibly successful real estate investor or agent in 2013?

John D. Rockefeller remains one of the most famous Americans of all time, one of the richest people in history and the first to be worth more than $1 billion in this country. So if there is anyone that can deliver a few good pointers for generating a giant income and dominating your local real estate market it might be him.

7 real estate education lessons for investors and agents from John D. Rockefeller:

1. Innovate

Rockefeller swept the country by storm and built an immense fortune and legacy not by inventing oil but by using positioning to make ‘Standard Oil’ the brand everyone wanted. How can you position yourself as the portal to real estate in your market and set the standard others have to strive to live up to?

2. Eliminate Waste & Risk

John D. saw others were speculating on finding oil and wasting so many resources he set out to find a way to profit from it while ensuring profit. So just because others appear to be gambling in the current market doesn’t mean you have to. Stick to smart investment and business principles.

3. Monopolize

By some accounts Rockefeller was quite ruthless in buying out and shutting down the competition as well as locking others out of the market. Real estate agents and investors can do this today too by forging exclusive strategic partnerships.

4. Get Connected

Much of this entrepreneurs success came out of his ability to develop strong contacts and connections early. So get out there and network with other professionals and leverage those relationships.

5. Set Huge Goals

If you want to achieve big things you need to set big goals. Don’t just do it for the cash though, do it because you can and to fulfill your maximum potential in life. It is said Rockefeller lived by the motto “gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can”.

6. Give Back

Like so many other incredibly wealthy Americans John D. became a big philanthropist. You can’t take it all with you and will you want to provide for future generations recognize giving back on a broader scale is incredibly rewarding, if not a responsibility.

7. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start From

Rockefeller didn’t have an easy upbringing and his own father boasted of cheating him regularly but John worked hard and looked for opportunities to innovate while sticking to sound business principals. So no matter where you are starting today you have an equal shot at creating a wildly successful real estate investment business or brokerage.