How Hard is it to Become a San Diego Real Estate Agent?

How difficult is it to become a San Diego real estate agent? How does it differ from actually making it as a Realtor? More importantly, is there a better path for those simply looking to make money from Southern California real estate?

Every year, a lot of people aspire to join the ranks of San Diego realtors. The desire to make more money is probably their biggest motivation. However, others choose it as a way to have more control over their schedules, increase the prestige of what they are doing, and as a faster way to get started in the real estate market. So what does it take, and is it really the dream career path it is made out to be?

Becoming a San Diego Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t that complicated. It’s probably far easier than most outsiders imagine. You will need to take a course and fulfill the required number of real estate education hours. Next, you must apply to take the state licensing exam and pass the requirements and background checks to actually become a licensed real estate salesperson.

Making it as a San Diego Realtor

In order to bridge the knowledge gap and to operate legally, the next step is going to work for a real estate broker and ‘hanging your license’ with them. Shop around and you’ll find a huge variety of training programs, commission splits, and support. However, the one thing you’ll discover across the board, without exception, is that you are essentially 100% on your own. It is up to you to go out and find deals.

You’ll want to join the local association of Realtors to become an actual Realtor. You will then likely need to invest a significant amount of time and money in learning the best practices, improving skills, and in branding and marketing materials.

Becoming a Realtor Versus a Real Estate Investor

Many think opting to become a Realtor can be a good intro to becoming a real estate investor. In many ways it can be. There are some good arguments for it. It helps when establishing contacts and learning the technical side of contracts.

However, on the other hand, it can be an extremely long scenic detour. Becoming an agent first can add a ton of time, cost and extra steps.

In contrast, by opting to invest in a good real estate investing course, individuals can jump right in. This will allow them to make the money they want and work the hours they desire. Their career path is completely up to them.