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Flipping Houses: the Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

Successfully flipping houses in today’s market requires more than a knack for remodeling – you also need to know how to advertise your business. To get your listings the exposure they need, a strong social media presence is highly valuable, but since social media is a relatively new invention, some of you who are currently rehabbing properties might not understand what the craze is all about. Well, we’re here to help you build your social status online. It all starts with a little bit of knowledge and a few simple steps.

  • Start tweeting. Twitter is the fastest-growing social media outlet in the country, and if you want to be taken seriously when rehabbing properties, you need to tweet about it. Simple as that. These 115-character messages take no time to create and allow you to tag key phrases like “flipping houses” in order to reach a national audience. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly pick up followers from around the country.
  • Get a Facebook. Even though Facebook is losing users to Twitter, it still commands a stronger fan base. You can use your Facebook page to upload pictures of your current projects and listings, and you can use it to invite your friends to showings. You can also download apps related to rehabbing properties and join groups that share your interests. It’s free to sign up, and building a strong social network is easy.
  • Make YouTube videos. YouTube is, of course, the world’s most popular  website for user-created videos. It’s also the perfect place to create virtual tours of all of your listings. Buyers who can’t make a showing can simply click a link on your Facebook or Twitter pages, and they’ll be treated to a first-person walk-through of your house. You’d be surprised at how often extra touches like this help win offers.

Building a strong social following takes time, so don’t be disheartened if your inboxes aren’t stuffed with friend requests by the end of the first week. You need to be proactive about finding friends. Check out the profiles of any local realtors or home supply retailers that you find. If you keep uploading pictures and updating your status, your social media presence is sure to grow. We guarantee it.