When To Enlist The Help of a San Diego Realtor

Should you enlist the help of a San Diego Realtor to sell your home, or is it better to save the cash and go it alone?

The decision to use real estate agents for selling a home in San Diego County has never been more confusing for homeowners. It may seem like common sense to recruit a professional agent, but the market is recovering, and who wants to pay those hefty San Diego Realtor commissions?

As the U.S. housing market began to peak during the last bubble, a multitude of for-sale-by-owner services emerged. Accordingly, they offered many owners the hope of selling their home without having to deal with Realtors. Of course, while the concept worked successfully for some, many of these services turned out to be far more expensive and stressful than originally planned. In the end, they would have been better off hiring a San Diego Realtor.

Unfortunately, the choice has been clouded even further. Mr. Sambrotto, former CEO and founder of, has gone out on his own to start a new company offering discount real estate agent services. The company offers options ranging from monthly marketing fees to 3% commissions. This is following the controversial headlines surrounding the CEO who made the news when he paid full commission rates and used a Realtor to sell his New York condo.

So is selling a home by owner officially dead for U.S. homeowners? More importantly, is paying top dollar to hire a San Diego Realtor the only option left?

It really depends on the individual situation. The MLS does have many homes for sale, and can be a great resource. Some busy owners want the full service assistance and feel better using real estate agents. However, many others want or need to save that money and can see a lot of benefit from selling homes fast to investors.