CT Homes: Tips On Flipping San Diego Real Estate In The New Boom

desert-viewAs a successful participant in the Southern California market, CT Homes has several tips for flipping San Diego real estate in the new housing boom.

The U.S. housing market has changed dramatically in the last year. So what can CT Homes’ team, featured on A&E’s reality series Flip This House, teach you about staying ahead of the curve while flipping San Diego real estate?

Much of the strategy and advice gleaned from reality TV shows, like Flip This House San Diego, has focused on acquiring foreclosure property in one form or another and operating in a down market. However, the real estate game is morphing at a rapid rate, as new challenges, opportunities and pitfalls are presenting themselves to those flipping San Diego real estate.

It is becoming a different game for those that have gotten in during the last seven years. These have been incredibly easy years for investors finding bargain priced properties, but the new boom introduces several more elements. Those elements may include more demand, more home buyers, easier access to mortgage credit and rapidly rising home values.

Of course, these factors can result in more competitions, less viable inventory and a need for speed to keep up. Elements like these will continue to evolve; as will flipping San Diego real estate.

This is an incredibly exciting time for flipping houses in San Diego. All of the stars seem to be aligned, but if you don’t want to get left out and want to maximize your investment returns, CT Homes’ Flip This House team says it is essential to:

  1. Streamline decision making to move quickly
  2. Invest appropriate time and resources into developing systems
  3. Build a great team with the best talent you can get your hands on
  4. Never overlook the need for thorough due diligence
  5. Always be measuring and improving everything you do
  6. Refuse to take short cuts – you might not like where they take you