CT Homes Reviews Coworking Venues for Real Estate Investors


Could a coworking office space be a good solution for you as a real estate investor?

Coworking or shared, social style office spaces have become a hot trend, with many new options popping up around the country. They might have begun with tech startups in mind but are now widely used by a whole array of entrepreneurs and industries, including real estate investors. So is it for you?

There are surely many benefits of coworking as an office solution; networking opportunities, low cost office space, a professional business address, credible and focused meeting space, and free promotion.

These coworking spaces can now be found all across the United States. You might like one close to you for full time use or prefer to take advantage of one further away with a more prestigious address if you won’t actually use the space regularly.

Here are our reviews on 6 coworking spaces around the U.S:

1. Venture X, Naples, FL

Venture X offers a modern industrial looking space set in a luxury shopping strip in Southwest Florida. Due to its prestigious location it isn’t the cheapest but does offer a lot of networking and promotion opportunities for investors and members.

2. Miami Shared, Miami, FL

Miami Shared boasts a brilliant white space overlooking the bay and a high profile address for international real estate investors. Very affordable, but some have reported issues with receiving mail and non-responsive customer service (the building is also currently under construction).

3. Onward Coworking, Chicago, IL

Onward offers a rustic Chicago style shared working space that is a great option for creative types. The best part about it? It even has a rooftop balcony.

4. The Bourse, New Haven, CT

The Bourse boasts a private club look and a lounge/library meeting area that has an old English style. It is currently offering an ‘Insanity Discount’ which looks great for real estate investing companies with small teams.

5. The Grove, New Haven, CT

The Grove is run by a local Connecticut non-profit and offers hourly membership options. Its members rave about the energy and soul of the place.

6. Hive, San Diego, CA

Located in downtown San Diego, Hive offers an incredibly affordable address and is home to real estate professionals, programmers and artists.