Connecticut Real Estate Poised For Growth in New Haven

new-constructionConnecticut is shaping up to be a major business hub with plenty of growth and opportunity for real estate investment. So what’s going on now, and where are the best opportunities for Connecticut real estate?

Real estate investors have already been making significant incomes from buying, selling and renting out CT homes in and around New Haven.

A lot of development and revitalization projects have already taken place. However, there are new talks with the aim of development and spurring economic growth in the Mill River area of New Haven, CT.

There are some debates about harming old businesses and how to make room for growth while providing a barrier between residential and commercial zones. Mixed use projects with apartments and live-work units could be an attractive solution and a great middle ground for all sides to agree on.

There are a number of sizable parcels that have been made available. There is even potential for gaining federal funding and tax breaks for builders and real estate investment companies.

If local investors and financiers really work together, there could be great potential for using this area to create a significant startup community. Connecticut real estate could bring in more tech to ensure the city evolves and remains a hot area for doing business, attracting young families and great talent.

This will aid in propelling local property values, drawing global investment dollars and creating more profit for real estate investors.

The impact, once building begins, would likely spur more development in surrounding areas creating a more vibrant city and bringing up Connecticut real estate value, which will strengthen the financials of all locals.