Can I Switch San Diego Real Estate Agents?

Can home buyers or sellers switch San Diego real estate agents if they aren’t happy? More importantly, can they change agents in the middle of a transaction without huge penalties?

As the Southern California housing market heats up, more green agents are getting into the industry and established ones are getting busier. For the average home buyer or seller, this can mean winding up in frustrating situations where they do not feel that San Diego real estate agents are performing effectively or operating in their best interests.

When this happens, can they fire their San Diego real estate agents or get a new Realtor? More importantly, can they do it without being penalized?

In healthy markets like San Diego County, this issue often emerges in scenarios where agents neglect to provide every listing to a seller. Tension may also be created when agents go rogue to negotiate terms that benefit their paychecks rather than the homeowner. Perhaps the buyers are finding Realtors that are slow or unwilling to negotiate the terms they desire. Regardless of the situation, there are many reasons to find a new agent.

Accordingly, homeowners and those buying homes in San Diego can switch real estate agents without much hassle.

Of course, this cannot be done to find a better deal after paperwork has already been signed. No one should be cheated out of fair compensation if they have been working hard for you. Yet, in most cases, the law sides with agents if they have been the ‘procuring cause of the sale.’ Obviously, if they aren’t doing their jobs well or aren’t getting it done, it will be hard for them to argue that.

Still, whatever the motivation for ditching San Diego real estate agents, it’s wise to take a diplomatic approach. Address the issue, take it to their superiors, check the paperwork you signed for obligations and then make the best move for you.