Adding Storage Space in the Bathroom

If you are like most householders, your bathroom is probably small and has little, if any, storage space. Don’t despair because home centers and specialty closet stores are filled with shelving units and cabinets designed specifically for the bath. Before you venture into a store or order from a catalog, you need to calculate the space you have. Look for likely storage room under the sink, over the toilet and in any unused corner or nook. Decide if you want your bath items visible or hidden – or both. Now measure your spaces and you are ready to start looking at storage units.

For a country-style feeling, you can hang wicker baskets on the wall and add an inexpensive wicker chest of drawers. Or for a more contemporary look you can choose a covered-wire shelf system. The covering that makes these wire shelves suitable for wet areas. In the shower, a covered wire rack can hang on the shower head or stick to a corner of the stall with suction cups. A covered-wire tray can span the tub and hold shampoo, rinse and a bookrack. In a children’s bath you can use a meshbag to hold toys while they drip after a bath and keep other bathtime needs on bright-colored plastic shelves.