7 Things To Know Before You Move To Connecticut

Connecticut is a great state to move to – but there are some things you’ll want to know in advance. Here are 7 things you should know before you move to Connecticut.

1. East versus West. There is a strong difference between East Connecticut and West Connecticut. West Connecticut is associated with New York City, and tends to be more affluent and more expensive. If you want to live in Connecticut but need to save money, buying a home in East Connecticut costs less. The area is also more influenced by New England than New York.
2. Connecticut is home to many companies, including Clairol, Xerox and Pepperidge Farm. Its close proximity to New York City also provides many employment opportunities – if you’re willing to commute.
3. Connecticut is highly developed. The Human Development Index shows how ordinary people are doing in different states across the country by measuring health, education and income. Connecticut tops the list with a score of 6.30, as compared to the US average of 5.17.
4. Pack your parka. Before buying a home in Connecticut, make sure you’re ready for cold weather. Connecticut sees anywhere from 25 to 100 inches of snow each winter. Winters are chilly and typically stay below freezing – so make sure you’re bundled up!
5. Get ready for traffic jams if you’re looking to commute between Connecticut and New York City. I-95 between New Haven and New York City is one of the most congested highways in the country. It can get so bad that surrounding areas also experience massive traffic jams. If you’re looking to avoid traffic problems, consider taking the train or carpooling.
6. Literacy matters. Connecticut is home to both the nation’s oldest public library and the oldest still-published newspaper – talk about a state where reading matters!
7. Connecticut is one of the best places to live, according to CNN Money. Five cities in Connecticut made their list of the 100 best places to live in the country – Bristol, Hamden, Norwalk, Stamford and West Hartford all made the cut.

Buying a home in Connecticut can be a great experience. Of course, before you make a big move, it’s important to learn as much about your new home as possible. Living in Connecticut provides you with tons of advantages and opportunities – why not consider it next time you’re looking to relocate?