7 Red Flags Cash Buyers Include in Their Offers

At face value, working with cash buyers should be easy and simple. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Over the years, we’ve seen competing cash buyers include certain terms in their offers that should be seen as Red Flags. Whether you’re thinking of selling your own property to a cash buyer or you’re listing a property for a client, you should keep a keen eye out for these 7 Red Flags cash buyers include in their offers. Knowing why investors include these terms in their offers and how to counter them will put you in a much stronger position in the transaction.

Spending a couple minutes to watch the videos below could save you days and even weeks of to save time, energy, and frustration down the road!

Red Flag #1 – The Non-Contingent Offer

Red Flag #2 – Unusually High Offers

Red Flag #3 – Very Long Inspection Periods

Red Flag #4 – Low Deposit Amount

Red Flag #5 – Out of Area Buyer

Red Flag #6 – “And/or Assignee”

Red Flag #7 – Investors Don’t Communicate Well

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