52 Ways To Come Up With Real Estate Content Ideas

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Need more ideas for real estate content?

Original content continues to be crucial to success in the real estate industry. Creating great content, fresh content, and doing it consistently on a daily basis can also be one of the biggest challenges for many Realtors, real estate investors, and businesses. So where do all the great ideas come from? How can you come up with more of them?

Here are fifty two ways to come up with new real estate content ideas to keep you going every week for the next year and beyond…

  1. Set up Google Alerts for all topics related to your niche
  2. Search #hashtags for current conversations on your market and service
  3. Use Google Trends to identify hot topics right now, and which are fading
  4. Check out what’s trending on Twitter
  5. Check out the top Facebook conversations of the last week
  6. Check bestselling real estate books on Amazon
  7. Look for the hottest topics of the day on BiggerPockets
  8. Check out tech shows and the latest gadgets
  9. Attend live events
  10. Travel and talk about new locations
  11. Breakdown local neighborhoods and things to do
  12. Ask people what they want
  13. Interview local real estate pros
  14. Interview mortgage experts on new loan programs
  15. Look for common interests among your followers, beyond real estate
  16. Ask your spouse and kids what their questions are about real estate
  17. Update your best performing posts of the past
  18. Dispute advice being written on other popular real estate blogs
  19. Test and review industry tools
  20. Breakdown each step of the real estate transaction process
  21. Browse online ads to spot the good, bad, and ugly
  22. Sign up to all the top real estate blogs and news feeds
  23. Review the latest real estate data
  24. Take a day to shop local home improvement stores and interior design stores
  25. Look for case studies from past deals and clients
  26. Visit new construction sales sites
  27. Walk your neighborhood
  28. Drive new neighborhoods
  29. Brainstorm top 10 lists
  30. Check out the top ranking YouTube videos for your keywords
  31. Write about your fears
  32. Write about your accomplishments
  33. Try out to generate ideas
  34. Try the SEOpressor blog title generator
  35. Check out the blog idea tool
  36. Try the Content Forest ContentIdeator
  37. Ask Siri
  38. Try the title generator
  39. Pose solutions for your biggest pet peeves in the industry
  40. Email your lists and ask where they are stuck
  41. Watch more real estate reality TV shows
  42. Incorporate real estate topics with your favorite hobbies
  43. Warn the public about the biggest blunders being made in the market
  44. Ask industry veterans what they wish they would have known earlier
  45. Roll the dice and create a list based on the number you get
  46. Document your latest deal
  47. Document your next home improvement project
  48. Create a survey and publish the results
  49. Launch a competition to see who can come up with the best topic
  50. Hire a freelancer to write for you
  51. Hire a freelancer to generate ideas
  52. Use Mailchimp’s subject line tool


This list should keep your real estate blog, social media, podcast, email funnel, and PR calendar full of ideas and topics every day for the next 12 months. Then rinse and repeat.