5 Unique Open House Ideas

When you’re selling a home, nothing gets buyers more intrigued than a well-planned open house. You can draw in real estate agents, neighbors and potential buyers to check out the house, helping you sell it quickly and easily. Move beyond staging and make your open house something truly unique next time you’re selling a home.

Try one of these unique ideas to perk up an open house:

  1. Poetry readings. Help your house sell with poetry. Invite a local author or two to come give a reading over wine and cheese. You’ll help people see that the home is a great space for events, and they’ll be intrigued by the lifestyle they see themselves living in the home. People looking at real estate want to see the lifestyle they’ll live in the home you’re selling – so show them.
  2. Garage sale. If poetry isn’t your thing, you can still have a unique open house by holding a yard sale at the same time. Although this requires more coordination (and a great real estate agent), it can help you declutter your home while also showing off the property.
  3. Video open house. Grab your webcam and make a quick “virtual tour” of the home. Not only does this allow folks from across the country a look at the property, it can help bring attendees to your next open house. Think of the video as a trailer that will build excitement.
  4. Kid’s games and events. Hosting a little carnival with a few simple games can be a great way to get the kids involved at an open house. If your neighborhood is family-friendly, show it off by hosting an event for the kids. This doesn’t have to be expensive – a few simple carnival games, some popcorn and party favors for prizes frees up the parents to take a look at the home.
  5. Have an art opening. Although this one will take some work, hosting an art opening in your home can be a great way to draw in a unique crowd. Local artists are always looking for unique venues to show off their work, so why not offer them the chance? In the right neighborhoods, art can be a huge draw.Throwing a fantastic open house can be your ticket to selling a home. Depending on the flavor of your neighborhood, you can host a great event that will help your property sell. Try one (or more!) of these ideas for your next open house and watch the home sell!